Republican Party Drops Online Gambling Prohibition From Platform.

I came across some positive news today on political news ticker in regards to the hotly-contested UIGEA ban. The story has reported that the Republican Party has removed online gambling prohibition from its upcoming party platform set to be announced at the Republican National Convention later next week. The draft of the actual document could still include other stipulations from the original UIGEA bill, however, it is still a big victory in the eyes of the PPA.

“The draft’s shortening from nearly 100 pages represents a victory for the Poker Players Alliance, a group that has lobbied to legalize and regulate Internet gambling. The million-member group has spent $1.2 million during the first half of 2008 and members have contributed more than $350,000 to candidates this election year,” according to CQ Politics.

As many 4Flush readers already know, the upcoming Presidential election could have a huge effect on the gambling industry in general. Over the last year and a half, Democrats have been fighting strongly for a resolution with their rival party to regulate online gambling and allow the United States to get a piece of the annual $15 billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, the Republicans have been staunch supporters of the UIGEA and have repeatedly asserted they will do everything in their power to rid America of internet gambling.

It could be a trying time for the government either way, mainly because there really is no effective way to regulate online poker and other forms of electronic wagering. Congress knows they can’t punish American citizens for doing what they want with their money, and they know they can’t possibly penalize every bank or credit card company if they allow gambling transactions and deposits to go through. Despite every effort to find a solution to ban all forms of online gambling since the ’06 UIGEA passing, it’s been two years and many U.S. players are still finding ways to play poker and casino games. On top of that, there has been a lot of speculation that many more poker rooms who originally pulled out of the U.S. market after the passing of initial U.S. anti-gaming laws are preparing themselves for possibly re-entering the market very, very soon.

If presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama has his way in this year’s election, there could be a lot of change to look forward to – especially for online gambling.

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