Preteen Plays Online Poker on Dad’s Dime

Sometimes playing poker is in your blood. The game of poker can take over your life and become your sole existence. Ask any pro player and they will tell you they would miss the thrill of the gamble if they were to just up and quit the game. Most poker pros start playing poker at an early age, some in their teens and others in college but most start out young. A story recently came out of Liverpool of a preteen boy who has already hit the felt, but on his dad’s dime.

The young boy was just twelve years old when he used his dad’s credit card to begin playing poker online. The boy, Declan Hind, is now thirteen years old and ended up spending almost £7,000 playing poker online.

Declan borrowed his dad Keith’s credit card so he could go online and purchase his mother a card for her birthday. Instead, the preteen went online to play poker. He put the credit card information in and then started playing.

Declan admitted that he was earning a bit of money but it was not as much as he was losing. He continued to play to try and win to cover his losses but it did not work. Keith found out about the online poker playing after his credit card stopped working. Keith stated:

“Declan had red-lined my credit card, which is probably a good thing or he probably would have kept going. I was mad, really livid for weeks. But I was also shocked—it was so easy for him to do it.”

Declan first became interested in online poker after he downloaded free games from his mobile phone and began playing at school. He now has to attend meetings at the Prevention Town charity, which is an organization that works with under age gamblers.

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