PPA’s John Pappas Discusses FTP Disputed Claims

Maying a paymentJohn Pappas is the Poker Players Alliance Executive Director who commonly posts updates or information on the popular TwoPlusTwo forums. Just recently, Pappas reported information on the Full Tilt Poker remissions process based on the disputed claims. Pappas spoke to the Department of Justice and revealed just what will happen in the coming months.

Undisputed claims of Full Tilt Poker monies from former US members of $2m are going to be paid this week. This will include players of Full Tilt as well as former affiliates. Since payments began, around $100m has been sent out to former members of the online poker site in the US.

To take part in the remissions process, former members had to file a claim at the Full Tilt Poker Claims site which would be handled by the Garden City Group. In many instances with the claims, an individual would be considered a ‘disputed claim’. This would mean that clear evidence was not given to dispute the figure the individual was claimed based on the information the GCG had on file.

Pappas stated that players who are in dispute with their claim should be receiving an email in the next two months that will notify of the outstanding issue and set a time frame for providing evidence needed to prove the disputed amount.

Pappas believes that two main issues are going to be associated with disputed claims. First the claim may involve cash out at the time of Black Friday when funds were not transferred or a check simply bounced. The Garden City Group is still trying to figure out a time frame for when payments will be owed without further documentation being provided by the player. The second issue would ‘small discrepancies’ with a claim but Pappas is unsure as to what exactly this term means. You may also appeal the case if you feel that you are rightfully owed money you will not be receiving.

Pappas also stated that the time frame estimated for the disputed claims to be processed is Q1 of 2015. Pappas is hoping that no one has to wait further than early next year to receive payment.

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