Popular Poker Couple to Run an Ultramarathon

Poker players love all kinds of challenges, and that’s why they always make prop bets. They simply love to test their limits and see how much they can do, as that’s an important part of their mental game. However, these limits sometimes tend to get really high — such as running an ultramarathon.

Julie Cornelius and Darin Dobler are a couple, and they have two things in common — their immense love for the game of poker and readiness to achieve great results in life. That’s why they decided to run the “Marathon Des Sables.”

What’s Marathon Des Sables exactly? Literally translated from French, it means Marathon of the Sands, and it’s an ultramarathon that lasts for six days. During these days, the runners will have to pass 251 km (156 miles) in the Moroccan part of the Sahara Desert.

Runners will have to bring all the equipment and supplies they can get and try to survive on their own. Julie and Darin said: “Why not?”

The most important part of their decision is that they are going to do this for charity!

The Couple Turns a Netflix Pitch into Reality

The whole idea of running an ultramarathon came to Julie Cornelius after she finished her run in an online tourney on PokerStars. She wasn’t sure what made her do that, but she decided to register for Marathon Des Sables and broke the news to her husband the day after.

Moreover, Cornelius confirmed that they were doing the whole run for charity. Dobler has been active in cancer research, focusing on lymphoma and leukemia that affect kids. Therefore, the couple didn’t need time to decide what the charity is going to be for. They partnered with St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which is the biggest NGO funder of research about cancer and children.

To promote what they are about to do, the couple actually decided to ask others to join. However, they created an interesting fundraiser for that — sort of a virtual Marathon Des Sables, which aims to donate money to charity and help people get active.

The whole idea is that everyone who agrees to take part in this virtual Marathon Des Sables has three months to complete the distance of 156 miles. The competition was launched on July 1, meaning it should be completed by October 1.

Every participant needs to pay a $50 entry fee, and all the collected money will go to St. Baldrick’s, according to Cornelius. The winner of their virtual competition will receive a gold medal.

Players who want to register and take part in this competition can do that on the official website that the couple brought online for this occasion. Moreover, there’s a Facebook group where everyone who took the challenge can post pictures of their progress.

There isn’t much time left, so if you apply now, you’ll have to run the ultramarathon distance in less than a month. Nevertheless, you’ll be doing a great deed, knowing your entry fee will be donated to charity.

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