Polk Begins Process That Could Lead to Goodman Recall

A couple of days ago, the Mayor of Las Vegas, Carolyn Goodman, gave an interview for CNN that turned out to be quite controversial. Namely, Goodman continued pushing for the city of Las Vegas to reopen completely, calling the restrictions made by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak “total insanity.”

Moreover, Goodman offered Las Vegas to be a control group to help out statisticians about the coronavirus. This was also a very controversial statement that many were shocked with.

That’s why the good guy of poker — Doug Polk — decided to take action against Goodman that would eventually lead to her recall. The three-time bracelet winner explained the entire process that he has to go through that would eventually lead to Goodman’s recall.

The first one was to file a notice of intent that will be addressed to the City Clerk. To do that, Polk needed three signatures from citizens of Las Vegas who voted in the most recent Mayoral election.

In the video, Polk explained that he already has several signatures — some of them are extra if there’s a petition that needs to be signed.

Once the first step is completed, the second step starts, and it’s a bit more difficult compared to the first one. Namely, Polk needs 25% of the voters who took part in the last election to sign a petition that they want the election to be recalled.

When Goodman was elected, a total of 26,723 people voted, meaning Polk would require approximately 6,681 signatures to set things into motion and start the election process once again.

In other words, if the threshold is met, Goodman will have to run for the position once again, and the entire election process will have to be repeated. However, Polk made it clear that recalling the election doesn’t mean that Goodman would be relieved of her duties.

If she is elected once again to be the Mayor of Las Vegas, then the entire process was in vain.

Petitions Cannot Help in This Case

Polk noticed that many people were not satisfied with the controversial comments that Goodman made in the CNN interview. One of the ways to express their discontent was to create a petition at change.org.

Although many people signed the petition, Polk made it clear that such petitions didn’t have an effect on the election process. In other words, the petition was useless, and the only legitimate way to remove Goodman from office was his.

Polk left some room for comedy as well. He stated that if he were to run for mayor during the recalled election, he would be able to win only by claiming that he was not Goodman. Although he does have some political aspirations, he made it clear that he would not run against Goodman if the elections take place once again.

Goodman was elected for three consecutive times, and the term for the next election is scheduled for 2024.

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