Poker Pro Turned Backgammon Pro: The Story of Sander Lylloff

The year of 2007 was pretty exciting for Sander Lylloff, who managed to become a sort of a poker legend, winning the EPT Barcelona Main Event and earning a total of $1.6 million. He continued to play great poker for six more years until 2013. However, since then, he doesn’t have any cashes recorded, as if he stopped playing poker completely.

Many people started wondering what had happened to the poker pro that once amazed the Old Continent. There was a backgammon tournament recently dubbed the Ultimate Backgammon Championship in the world, and the name Sander Lylloff appeared suddenly.

In fact, his name did not appear in some early phase of the tournament, but rather next to that of Mochizuki Mochy. Actually, Mochy and Lylloff were the only two remaining in the competition, playing its final to determine who would officially become the best backgammon player in the world.

Therefore, the answer was pretty clear. Sander Lylloff found a new passion in his life, and he pursued it and succeeded in the process.

The match between the two backgammon professionals took place at the Fairmont Hotel and Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Lylloff stated that he had huge respect for his opponent, who has been regarded as one of the best backgammon players ever. He added that Mochy had been studying the game for a very long time and that taking him off the throne would definitely not be an easy thing to do. The match lasts for three days, and it is currently underway as this text is being written, so make sure to check out who will be the next winner of the most prestigious backgammon tournament in the world.

Why Did Lylloff Change to Backgammon?

Although Lylloff did not participate in any poker games lately, he found his passion in backgammon, where he plays high-stakes backgammon cash games. He stated that backgammon was a game where all info is in the open, with that being its fundamental difference from poker. Furthermore, he stated that backgammon was mostly heads-up play, meaning that the game is much more intimate compared to poker.

On the other hand, Lylloff also said that there were several similarities between the two games. First of all, there are huge swings in both backgammon and poker, and both games are available for playing with high stakes. Lylloff added that there was an adrenaline rush in backgammon when the stakes were high, which was a pretty similar feeling to playing poker.

He stated that the game of backgammon usually lasted much longer, while poker can end quickly, meaning that backgammon could give players a prolonged feeling of suspense.

When it comes to the skills that these two games require, Lylloff said that both games can be broken down to math. Moreover, keeping cool is also very important in both backgammon and poker, and luck is a “skill” that is great to have when playing both of these games.

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