Poker Pro Robbed Not Once but Twice in New Jersey

Poker game robbed in Fairbanks AlaskaGamblers know all about odds and ‘chances are’ and not one poker player would imagine they would be robbed not once but twice! This is exactly what happened this past week in the state of New Jersey. One poker pro was able to escape a robbery, not once but twice while at the Kennedy Airport.

The poker pro of this instance is Eric Riley, who was visiting Atlantic City and had just left a local casino with $100,000 in cash. According to recent reports, the pro hitched a ride from a ‘friend’ who goes by the name Junior and apparently the ‘friend’ felt as though he should take the $100,000 Riley held. Riley had placed the bag of cash in the trunk of Junior’s car and once they stopped at Terminal 5, Junior decided to make his move.

The ‘friend’ hit the gas while Riley was trying to grab the bag of cash out of the trunk of the car. Riley could not believe the actions of his friend  and jumped in a cab, handing over $400 and yelling ‘Follow that car!’. The cab driver was able to catch up to the car at a red light and Riley jumped from the cab and grabbed the bag out of the car as the trunk was still open!

So Riley was back with his cash and it should have been the end of the story, with Junior driving away. But not so fast! As Junior sped away, a black Camry appeared with two men who stated they were undercover cops. They offered Riley a ride which he took. The men then gave up the charade and pulled a gun on Riley, pointing it at his chest and demanding the money.

According to police reports, Riley then pulled the cash to his chest and then jumped from the moving car. Riley hit the ground hard, tearing his clothes and his body. It was then that Riley hailed another cab and was able to defeat two different robbery attempts. He then contacted police and the attempts are now under investigation.

Riley first arrived at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa around two weeks ago and brought $80,000. He managed to earn $20,000 from the poker tables. The pro had met Junior at the hotel and he never learned the man’s last name. Riley was able to keep his cash but he did lose a suitcase and laptop.


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