Poker Is Sometimes Not About Cards — It’s About Making Friends

When playing poker, many newcomers tend to focus on cards too much. Sure, winning in this game offers a bit more than the mere joy of winning — it offers money.

According to some people, if it weren’t for money, people wouldn’t be interested in poker at all. This is just wrong. If it weren’t for money, poker wouldn’t have so many tournaments around the globe.

However, it would have a lot of players, since there are many other card games that simply do not include monetary prizes.

If money is not the most important ingredient of poker, what is? The answer to this should be rather simple — people. Poker is, above all, a social game, meaning we play it to socialize with other people.

In fact, the majority of games we play tend to have this “social” aspect to them.

Even if they don’t, we somehow know that we don’t expect to socialize. Take slots, for example. Online slots, in particular, are pretty much devoid of all the social aspects. However, people don’t mind that, as they don’t expect to have social contact when playing them.

On the other hand, playing poker includes being with several other people at the same table, and that’s the beauty of it. We may not talk to them too much, but the socializing part comes from the fact that we get to play with them.

After all, many games throughout human history were invented to bring people closer together.

Some would dare say that poker is a very intimate game. We get to see some faces of other people that they would never display in public. We get to explore their emotions and their very essence just by the way they play cards. One doesn’t get to do that in many games.

What About Online Poker?

When we play poker online, the social factor may not be as present as in live poker games. However, it’s not completely devoid of it. Just because we don’t get to see our opponents doesn’t mean we don’t get to hang out with them.

Deep down, we still know that we play against real people, and that’s what matters. While online poker is fun, to experience this game in its full potential, you need to play live cash games or tournaments. That way, players are able to see poker in its full splendor.

Online poker rooms are aware of the fact that socializing plays a very important role in poker. By allowing players to chat and making online poker communities all over the web, they are trying to make up for the lack of full potential of live poker.

Come to think of it, how come nobody made cameras mandatory for playing poker online? Imagine playing poker on the web, and always being able to see your opponents’ faces. There’s a good idea for a potentially successful business.

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