Phil Ivey Divorce Case Finally Over

Just last week, the Supreme Court in the state of Nevada finally ended the long divorce proceedings involving Phil Ivey and his wife Luciaetta Ivey. The divorce case began back in 2009 and Luciaetta felt she was not treated fairly so she filed a petition in late 2011. Luciaetta claimed that Phil gave Judge Bill Gonzalez a contribution to his campaign worth $5,000 and the judge ruled unfairly in his favor because of this.

Luciaetta’s argument was that her former hubby handed over $5,000 just a few short weeks after the divorce as final. She also claimed in 2011 petition that Phil had stopped paying her spousal support during the time that Black Friday took place. Phil then showed that he was paid just over $900,000 from Tiltware, the software company behind Full Tilt Poker. Luciaetta was given around $180,000 of this amount.

Acting as the attorney for the poker pro, David Chesnoff, stated last summer that the case against his client was dead and Luciaetta was able to earn millions of dollars from the divorce, which was uncontested. On Thursday, the court agreed and they finally denied Luciaetta’s petition and stated that the case was not impacted by Judge Gonzalez because the actions were not in violation of the laws in the state.

The court found that the contribution to Gonzalez’s campaign by Ivey were not of a significant enough amount to warrant a question as to the judge’s verdict. The Las Vegas Review-Journal was able to report court documents which had statements by Justices Michael Cherry and Mark Gibbons which read:

“Without more, the campaign contributions are insufficient to demonstrate that actual or implied bias existed on the part of Judge Gonzalez. Campaign contributions made within statutory limits cannot constitute grounds for disqualification of a judge under Nevada law.”


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