Pennsylvania Lawmakers Set to Meet Today for iPoker Discussions

pennsylvania_state_sealPennsylvania seems to be on the verge of becoming the next state to join Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey to offer online poker gaming within the United States. With several bills on the table and new legislation seeming to be introduced on almost a weekly basis, the state clearly has several options to discuss to legalize and regulate the activity.

California was the state that seemed to be ahead of the game but with legislation not moving forward, Pennsylvania is the go-to state to enter the market next. Six proposals are currently on the table for online casino gaming and this morning, lawmakers of the state will be meeting to discuss the options at hand. The Senate Community, Economic & Recreational Development Committee will be meeting today to discuss the different bills that have been introduced into legislation.

The bills vary in content, with some proposing online gaming while making changes to the casino gaming industry of the state.  These proposals could possibly be more appealing as they cover a variety of subjects regarding the gambling industry of the state and could help lawmakers make the decision to move forward with legislation.

Just yesterday, the previously mentioned SB 900 measure, was formally introduced within the state. Senator Kim Ward is the sponsor of the measure with Senator Robert Tomlinson, Senator Elder Vogel and Senator Joseph Scarnati as co-sponsors. Each of the Senators will lend a credible voice behind the legislation and option to provide online gaming within the state of Pennsylvania.

The hearing on the subject, which should discuss the new bill as well as others that have been introduced, began at 9am EST this morning. The hearing will focus on several topics of the casino gaming industry including:

  • Gaming
  • Internet Gaming and Related Issues

The focus of the hearing will be on proposed legislation that would amend certain bills within the state including Title 4 (Amusements) and Part II (Gaming). Enhancements and reforms will be discussed including Internet gaming. The full schedule of the hearing can be viewed here.



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