PASCOOP — “LiveMonster179” Wins Main Event

The Main Event of the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (PASCOOP) wrapped up with a player nicknamed “LiveMonster179” winning the first prize. They faced “fan_buzgon” in the heads-up part of the event and won a total of $57,395 as their final prize.

It’s safe to say that “LiveMonster179” really dominated the final table. Out of the nine players who made it back to the end, the winner managed to eliminate six of them. At the moment the three-handed play started, LiveMonster179 had a 4:1 chip lead compared to both of their opponents.

Early on in the three-way play, “fan_buzgon” and “kdQuel” seemed like they still stand a chance, as both players managed to double up early on. However, it seems that it was just a short momentum and that the two players started taking hits once again. In fact, their momentum lasted barely a level, as “LiveMonster179” returned only to eliminate both of their opponents in a short period.

The Final Day — What Happened?

Day 2 of the PASCOOP Main Event saw a total of 158 players return to the poker tables, meaning that the majority lost their chips and had to end their run. At the start of the tournament, there were a total of 1,315 entries recorded.

The action started right from the very first hand of Day 2, and it seems that the majority of players wanted to reach the final table as quickly as possible. The short-stacked players finally started losing due to increased blinds, so we were able to witness “throwitinthebag” and “xxx275” end up in the 17th and 16th place, respectively.

Once the final 10 was reached, the action slowed down a lot, and it took an entire level of blind for one player to hit the rail and make room for the formation of the final table.

The Final Table

The first player to lose all their chips at the final table was “MRWIGGLES3318,” who ended up with a total of $4,414,86 in their pocket. They were soon followed by “liftship,” a player who took home the prize of $6,083.58 as eighth-placed.

After that, it was time for “tone5555787” to hit the rail in seventh place, winning a total of $8,383.06. Sixth place was reserved for “tich213,” and fifth was for “KennytheRipper.” They won $11,551.72 and $15,918.05, respectively.

“Jaykoch01311” was the last player to hit the rail before the three-handed play took place. They won a total of $21,934.77.

After that, it was time for “LiveMonster179” to continue showcasing his amazing poker skill, with “kdQuel” ending up third and winning $30,225.68. Therefore, “fan_buzgon” had to settle for the second place and the total prize of $41,650.41.

With this main event, PASCOOP finally concluded. Nevertheless, there are numerous more online poker tournaments waiting on some of the best poker sites, as the majority of live poker players are now enjoying this card game from home.

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