Cash Game Table Cap Reduced at PokerStars

PokerStars is still trying to make things different and make the game available for more players who are not that experienced at playing online poker. There were already a lot of changes that took place in the previous period, but the latest one seems the most radical so far. It reduced the table cap from 24 to only 4 for cash games. In other words, players who are multi-table grinders will only be able to play at four tables at the same time. Previously they could play on 24 tables.

This drastic change, which was introduced by the biggest online poker platform in the world, took place on August 20. All cash game players will not be able to enjoy grinding at many tables — this rule applies for all markets and stakes on the platform.

Severin Rasset, Director of Poker Innovations and Operations for The Stars Group, stated that they understood that the change would have a significant impact on many players, especially the ones who were multi-table pros. He added that they had not taken the decision lightly and that they were sure it was the right thing to do to improve the game in the future. Finally, Rasset concluded that players would have an opportunity to focus more on each table and improve their results at every single one of them. He said that they would “find a way to adapt” and be part of the PokerStars community in the future as well.

Tests in Italy Gave Positive Results

PokerStars officials are very professional individuals who carefully inspected the market to see whether such a change would be suitable for their business. The Italian market seemed like an excellent opportunity to test table cap cropping, meaning that players from Italy were among the first to experience this change. PokerStars cut the limit down to six tables per player.

When the company wanted to make this test for the first time, they stated that they hoped to make players act faster, creating a more enjoyable playing experience for all players. PokerStars players who play at many tables at the same time sometimes wait until the time given to act is near the end.

On the other hand, many people on the platform think that PokerStars wants to marginalize the players who play for the highest volume, as there were a couple of changes that affected them the most.

Therefore, Tuesday morning was pretty depressing for some of the high-volume players when they saw a notification from Rasset and read more about the cut. The company decided to go one step further and shorten the maximum number of decks from six to four. Cutting down from 24 to 4 is a big deal and will drop the multi-tabling potential on the platform for 80%. However, Rasstet is pretty sure that four tables is the best number at the moment and that it will help players increase their win rates.

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