partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe — Zaskodny Wins Main Event 2019

The 2019 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe wrapped up with Lukas Zaskodny, taking first place of the €10,300 Main Event. Zaskodny managed to win a total of €906,770 by emerging in first place among 504 entries. The last player he played against was Josef Snejberg, whom he defeated in the heads-up part of the game. Snejberg had to hit the rail with the total amount of €718,230.

Stacks were very shallow by the time tournament ended, with all eliminations happening in standard situations. Zaskodny commented on this, stating that they were playing for a lot of money and that there were huge pay jumps. He added that nobody wanted to be eliminated, even in shallow tables.

The good thing about Zaskodny is that he is actually friends with the second-placed Snejberg. He said that he and Snejberg actually had started building his garden together, where they had stated that they had never had an opportunity to play a heads-up match against each other. The two players participated in tournaments for many years, and only a month after that conversation did they receive the opportunity, with Zaskodny having more skill and luck at that point.

Final Table Results

The last day started with Charlie Carrel being the chip leader, and he immediately busted Rastislav Paleta in eighth place for €100,000. However, it seems that it just wasn’t one of those days for Carrel, and he quickly followed his poker colleague, ending up seventh with €130,000.

Robert Romanello played the first two days on the web. The partypoker professional had a great go and managed to get to the final table, but he hit the rail on the last day as the sixth-place player, winning a total of €170,000.

The next one in line was Sam Grafron from the UK, who ended up fifth, winning €220,000. Fourth place was reserved for Severin Schleser from Austria. Schlese managed to land a total of €300,000. Third place was reserved for a French player and regular partypoker Europe participant, Romain Lewis, who won €428,000.

When the two friends started their heads-up part of the game, they immediately struck a deal where Snejberg secured a total of €718,230 and Zaskodny had €806,770. In other words, Zaskodny had a big lead right from the start. However, the tide turned at one point, and Snejberg actually took the lead in the heads-up.

But he did not manage to hold it for very long, as Zaskodny was simply on fire. Eventually, Zaskodny managed to win the game and win the trophy of partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe Main Event. In addition to that, he won an extra €100,000 for his victory. He and Snejberg are both residents of the Czech Republic, where this big tournament is taking place. In fact, it’s safe to say that Zaskodny is the new king of the King’s Resort.

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