Party Poker 300k Sunday Guaranteed – Results

Party Poker held their usual Sunday 300k guaranteed poker tournament this week, hosting 1,423 online poker players, this was about 100 more players or so than gathered for last weeks game. The top 200 players in the game were paid, with just short of 200k paid out among the top ten tournament finishers.

dswdo made his second appearance in three weeks at the Sunday 300k guaranteed tournament and came to play, within a few minutes, as he began using his chipstack (the largest at the table) and eliminated kooi116 and Play_for_shoes, both went to the rail after their 2nd hand of poker at the final table. dswdo held Big Slick off suite, as did Kooi116 and.. believe it or not… Play_for_shoes, however, the board came spade, club spade, runner runner spade, guess who held the Ace of Spades. After finishing the amazing hand, and winning with big slick offsuit against TWO players, with big slick off suite, dswdo said “A little luck helps,”

The next exit was made by Rambo5 who found himself all in with pocket queens, generally a good spot to be, when you’re up against the pocket aces of jamiejackpot, not so much.

Lagas65 made 5th place, was AK off suit was shot down by A5 also off suit, the dealer brought the five on the flop, so Lagas won’t even be able to tell an ‘on the river’ story today.

6th place went to squashball, who put his money into the pot with pocket 8’s against Ace King offsuit held by EdKaddet, the ace of clubs and the King of Diamonds. The flop came:

7 of Spades
3 of hearts
6 of spades

The turn was the Queen of clubs, all blanks so far things were looking good for squashball! However it looks like he will be able to tell a … on the river.. story today, the king of spades made its way into the game on the river and  sent him to the rail.

Now dswdo takes out his 3rd final table player, Tompengpung1 who finished up with pocket queens against a set of sevens.

In a flurry of action, 3rd place and 4th place were claimed two hands a row, first dswdo took out Edkaddet, dswdo held a8 off, against EdKaddet’s A4 suited, hearts. Edkaddet lost that hand, and won 4th place, the next hand, down to three, Masha3431 holds ace deuce against jamiejackpots pocket 10’s. No help for Masha3431 and heads up play was officially underway.

That last hand gave jamiejackpot a small lead in chops, but dswdo was pretty quick in snatching that lead back. The two played heads up back and forth for less than five minutes, with dswdo really playing some strong aggressive poker. dswdo hit a straight on the river in the final hand, beating out jamiejackpots two pair, 7’s and 5’s. dswdo is this weeks Party poker $300,000.00 guaranteed champion.

Final Table payouts and standings:

  1. $60,000:  dswdo
  2. $33,000:  jamiejackpot
  3. $20,700:  Masha3431
  4. $16,350:   EdKaddet
  5. $13,800:  Tompengpung1
  6. $10,350:  squashball
  7. $7,950:    Lagas65
  8. $5,250:    Rambo5
  9. $4,050:    kooi116
  10. $2,850:    Play_for_shoes
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