Online Poker Opponent a No-Show to Scheduled Debate with PPA

While poker players tend to keep track of the latest news of the game, including legislation, tournament action and online options, the world of politics can be uninteresting. Most of us just do not get into the back and forth between politicians with various meetings and hearings on the subject of gambling, either online or land based. However, a recent scheduled debate had many players interested in what would take place, between one of Sheldon Adelson’s cronies and Poker Player Alliance Executive Director John Pappas.

It was during the Conservative Political Action Conference that Pappas and a representative of Adelson’s Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling were supposed to discuss online gaming. Both were supposed to discuss their side on online gambling in the US, but apparently Adelson’s supporter was a no-show. According to reports by PokerUpdate, only Pappas showed up to take part in the debate titled Full House: Who’s Got the Winning Hand?.

It was rumored that Andy Abboud was set to speak as an opponent on behalf of the Coalition but was a no show. The group did not send a replacement or anyone, in fact, to weigh in on the subject. The PPA released a statement from John Pappas, in regards to the no-show which read:

I guess when the rubber meets the road, prohibition supporters realize they can’t backup their fear-mongering PR campaign with actual facts. I was looking forward to an open and fair debate on the future of online gaming, and not just because the facts are on our side. Before Congress votes on any legislation that would impose a broad prohibition, like the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA), I think American voters deserve to hear both sides clearly articulate how such a ban impacts consumers, states and the economy.

The fact that the primary RAWA supporters refused to join this debate, after significant effort by the organizers, tells me that they want their bill rubberstamped instead of openly debated on the merits – a basic tenet of democracy.”

The Coalition has not reported as to why Abboud or an additional representative was not on hand to enter the debate against Pappas.





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