Nineteen Year old Harrison Gimbel wins 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

The 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure has come to an end and it was Harrison Gimbel who outlasted the large playing field of 1,529 players to take home the first place prize of $2.2 million. Final table play began yesterday at noon EST with eight players with Tyler Reiman in the chip lead. Gimbel was fourth in chips so he had to work to get to the top and earn the win.

Gimbel would double up soon after play began when he put his A-K up against the pocket jacks of Ryan D’Angelo. The board ran two aces and a king to give Gimbel the extra chips. Tom Koral exited in eighth place just a few minutes later when he was knocked out by Tyler Reiman.

Next would be Zachary Goldberg in seventh place and he would be followed by Aage Ravn in sixth and Ryan D’Angelo in fifth. Play is now down to four players and it would be about an hour before the next player would be eliminated. Zamami would go all in with A-10 and Gimbel would call with pocket eights. A third eight would hit on the flop and this would knock Zamami would in fourth place.

Shulamn was the short stack now and it looked as though he would go soon. But the poker player managed to hang on for a little while but would eventually get busted. This would leave Reiman and Gimbel to compete in heads up play with Reiman in the chip lead by about 11 million plus.

Heads up play would last a few hours before Gimbel began to gain the chip lead. In the final hand Reiman held pocket eights and Gimbel had pocket tens. Both made a pair on the board but Gimbel’s was better so he won the tournament. With the win Gimbel became the youngest PCA champion in the history of the event at the age of just nineteen.

Final Results:

1: Harrison Gimbel — $2,200,000
2: Tyler Reiman — $1,750,000
3: Barry Shulman — $1,350,000
4: Benjamin Zamani — $1,000,000
5: Ryan D’Angelo — $700,000
6: Aage Ravn — $450,000
7: Zachary Goldberg — $300,000
8: Tom Koral — $201,300

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