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Spin & Go tournaments at PokerStars are quite popular among the poker room’s members and now players have a new format of the game to enjoy. Spin & Go Max was recently launched by PokerStars to offer several new factors to the tournament option. The difference between the Max version and the standard Spin & Go is that the Max version will see a variation of the three player, winner take all approach, with a different outcome from one tournament to the next.

With standard Spin & Go’s, three players compete with short stacks and hyper-turbo blinds. The prize pool of the tournament is unknown until all three players are seated at the table. For the most part, the prize is the winner taking the full pot. However, with Max games, players will find a mix within the amount of players competing as well as prizes.

Spin & Go Max games can have three to eight players taking part. The most common probability will be four players at the table, but you never know how many you will face until everyone is seated at the table. The prize spinner will appear and there are three prizes the winner can claim. With five players or less, the tournament can still be winner take all. In other instances, prizes are awarded at random with the payout structure shown in the tournament lobby.

Once a game is complete, three prizes for first place will appear, face down. The winner will choose one. This creates an added level of excitement as the player has no idea what they will end up with. Another interesting feature to the new option at PokerStars is the hand limit. If the tournament has not reached the hand limit set, everyone will be put all in pre-flop. The game then finishes out so a winner can be named.

Buy-ins for this new tournament are $1, $3, $7 and $15. The option is affordable and a new way for players to enjoy the popular Spin & Go tourneys.


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