Negreanu vs. Polk Heads-up Match — What to Know

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk have been frenemies for a long time. Both of them are exceptional poker players with huge fan bases, and both are avid Twitter users. In fact, they clashed on Twitter, deciding that they should play a one-on-one match and determine who is the better poker player between the two.

They tried to test each other’s poker skills back in 2014, but nothing came out of it. Now, when there aren’t too many live poker tournaments around, the two players will focus on their newest challenge.

When? Where? What?

The first question that poker fans immediately asked is when the match will take place. All we know so far is that it will start on November 1, but it remains unknown how long it would last — probably until one of the two players wins. The date was set during a Twitter exchange between the two players at the start of October.

Since many prominent poker rooms are still closed down or operating at a limited capacity, the two players decided it’s best if they remained at home. Therefore, the heads-up duel between them will take place online — on The two players will have an opportunity to play online poker from the comfort of their homes.

Moreover, both players agreed to an “inspection” of sorts that would ensure neither are using real-time assistance (RTA) to improve the odds.

Negreanu stated on October 10 that he would send $1,000,000 to in advance.

Also, Negreanu said that the playing pair at the start would be $200/$400 across two tables. Moreover, the stacks would be 100 BBs deep, and automatic top-up will be turned on. They will play a total of 25,000 hands, and the loser will have an option to quit after 12,500 hands.

“Kid Poker” also left the option open for raising the stakes in the second half if both parties agree to it.

Both Players Preparing for the Big Duel

Even though both poker players are quite busy, they found time to prepare for their upcoming opponent. In fact, Polk has been posting all his poker success on Twitter. He also added that he had been practicing for two months.

Negreanu took part in a charity event for St. Judes, playing $25/$50 to prepare himself for the big heads-up event.

Who Will Win?

At this moment, it isn’t easy to make any prediction on who will win between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu. Even the players themselves don’t know what to expect, as both have been crushing the world of poker for a very long time. In other words, we’ll have to wait for their clash to begin on November 1 before we can make any kind of prediction.

But, if we were to listen to sportsbooks, Doug Polk is the favorite, with the odds of (-556); meanwhile, the odds are (+425) for Negreanu. Either way, we will be in for an exciting head-to-head showdown when Polk vs. Negreanu commences.

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