Motor City Casino Bad Beat Jackpot Sets New Record

In online and land-based poker game play, bad beat jackpots are often on offer. Players take part in the bad beat jackpot gaming options in the hopes of winning big after losing to a bad beat. In the state of Michigan, the Motor City Casino offers a bad beat jackpot, one that has continued to increase in size, waiting on the right hand to fall for the jackpot to be activated. The right hand took place earlier this week, with the jackpot hit for a record-breaking amount of $1,068,590.

The Motor City Casino bad beat jackpot is the largest ever awarded in the United States. The jackpot was activated when a player known as Scott held quad threes lost to a player named Kenneth who held pocket queens. There were six players at the time of the jackpot being activated, so everyone would earn a piece of the pie.

For the loss, Scott was provided with 40% of the jackpot which was equal to $427,452. For his role, Kenneth would earn 20% of the jackpot, an amount of $213,712. The remaining four players at the table earn cash just for being involved in the hand. The remaining 40% was split between the four players, providing just over $106,000 per player.

In the US, bad beat jackpots tend to reach the six figure mark. Once a jackpot reaches $200,000, excitement begins to build in the land-based casino where the jackpot resides. The $1 million+ jackpot hit at the Detroit casino is quite rare and the new record will most likely remain for some time. For now, the jackpot is back at around $500,000 and awaits the next big winner, or should I say loser!

Phil Trofibio is the Senior Vice President of Casino Operations for the Motor City Casino and commented on the fact that the casino has winners every day on the floor but its not everyday that a jackpot of this magnitude is won.

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