Moon Knocks out another Player, and then there were 3.

Darvin opens with a 2 million chip bet. Buckman shoves back into him, and in millaseconds, Moon snap calls the all in bet.

2009_wsop_ericbuchmanBuckman shows A5, and Moon shows KJ of diamonds.

Neither hand hits the flop, Moon picks up some outs however. He calls out for a ten.

The turn was dirty dirty, bringing Moon a King and .. quite likely his tournament death.

A brick on the river, and Buckman is out. Buckman cashses for $2,502,787. He began the tournament yesterday morning in second place.

In the hand just before Buckmans final World Series of Poker hand, these same two players danced the dance.

In that hand, Moon limped and Buckman shoved behind him.

Moon asks for a count, with only 2 million in chips in the pot, then… he makes the call.

Davrvin Moon turns over A7 off suit.

Buckman is holding KT off suit.

A king comes on the flop which is:

kh 5c 9s

The turn is another king, leaving Darvin drawing dead.

A queen comes on the river.

Buckman got back into the game in that hand, and Darvin took a small loss.

World Series of Poker Final Table Payouts

  1. $8 546 435
  2. $5 182 601
  3. $3 479 485
  4. $2 502 787
  5. $1 953 395
  6. $1 587 133
  7. $1 404 002
  8. $1 300 228
  9. $1 263 602

After a 20 minute break, Cada will return with about 38m in chips, to the other two players 80m+

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