First hand back from Break – Cada Doubles Through Antoine Saout

The players had just come back from their break when Cada raised, and was reraised by Antoine Saout. Cada shoved his chips into the pot, and was instantly called by French poker player Saout.

joe-cada-wsop.Cada showed a wired pair of dueces. Saout showed a much larger wired pair of Queens.  Cada was dominated, and pretty much on his way out the door. If Cada were to go out here, play would end for the day, and Heads up play would continue later. Cada was holding both of the black twos, wheras Saout had no clubs. Cada’s hopes were a far fetched straigt, three of a kind, or a runner runner  runner  flush.

His tournament life on the line, Cada watched the cards fall to the felt, and he was saved. 9s-2d-7s comes on the flop, giving Cada three deuces and leaving Saout needing some help.

The turn is 3h.

Saout needs a queen on the river to keep Cada from doubling up and staying in the game.

and the river was… 6s, Cada doubles up and stays in the game. In fact, he becomes the new WSOP 2009 Final Table Chip Leader.

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