Mississippi to Review Sportsbetting and iGaming

As a large gambling provider in the Southern United States via brick and mortar casinos, it only makes sense that Mississippi would be interested in joining the blossoming online gambling market. According to a recent report by the Sun Herald, the state will now begin to research both Internet gambling as well as sports betting.

Richard Bennett, the House Gaming Committee Chairman in Mississippi has commissioned for a group of experts to come together to consider the pros and cons of iGaming as well as sports betting options. The new group will meet for the first time in May when the Southern Gaming Summit takes place in the state. It will then be by the end of 2014 that the findings of the group will be presented as a whole.

Bennett would like for the study to be unbiased as he is not looking to endorse either gambling option. Bennett wants the study to be more comprehensive than anything that has ever been done before and he feels as though other states will be able to use the findings to decide on the issues as well.

At first the study was going to be conducted on just Internet gambling but then the focus increased to other forms, which included sports betting. Bennett stated that legislators from the Coast and other areas within the state asked for sports betting to be added to the research.

The group of experts involved is considered a Task Force and Allen Godfrey has been named the Chairman. Godfrey is the Mississippi Gaming Commission Executive Director and was recruited along with other representatives in the state government and experts in the industry to gather the information needed for research.

Godfrey sent out a letter to those involved in the task force and stated that the most important role of those involved is to be in advisory mode, with ‘data and analysis about Internet gambling’ on the agenda. Godfrey stressed that the group would not be making any recommendations regarding any new legislation or regulations.

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