Melika Razavi – A Phenomenon in the Poker World

If you google the name Melika Razavi, you will see a beautiful girl who was a contender of many beauty pageants. Furthermore, she is also a poker player who has been doing pretty well lately. Finally, she is a lover of magic and enjoys performing magic tricks every now and then. What comes as a surprise is that Melika Razavi comes from Iran, a country where poker, magic, and beauty pageants are banned at the moment. So, how come that Razavi ended up doing all these three things and being very good at them? In fact, how does anyone in the world start playing poker and doing magic while winning beauty pageants?

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She stated that it had been a big step for her to step up and take up magic and start going to beauty pageants. Razavi is definitely a hard-working person set to achieve her goals, and she added that she was a motivational speaker as well. In other words, Razavi did not have the support of her culture and her home country in everything she does, but she did have support from her mother for everything she decided to do in life – and she seems to have done everything well.

Passion for Poker

The first time Razavi came in touch with poker was when a friend of her mother came to their house and taught her how to play the card game, which she immediately fell in love with. She was young back then, and she took a decade of learning how to play it in order to master it. Magic also entered her life at an early age and these two factors heavily influenced what she was going to become one day.

She started learning more about poker and magic when she moved with her mother to South Africa at the age of 15 where she pursued her passions. At first, she began playing poker games with her friends at her home, but then she decided to start traveling and playing poker at the age of 23.

Razavi had a hard time choosing whether she wants to play poker or do magic, so she decided to go with both. She stated that the choice between the two was like asking which finger she preferred more, adding that she was very passionate about poker and magic equally.

Naturally, Razavi is a great poker player, and she often faces some of the best players in the world. She stated that she was not concerned with who is sitting at the table with her as long as she gave her best and showed what she was capable of.

Many would assume that the presence of camera lights and audience would distract her, but she is used to being under the spotlight as she has a lot of experience as a stage performer, being a nominee for Miss Global Iran 2016 and being pronounced a Miss Power Woman 2017.

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