Masterclass Offers Poker Lessons from Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is undoubtedly one of the best poker players to have ever walked the planet Earth. Often referred to as The Tiger Woods of Poker, this 42-year-old player has managed to win everything there is out there, including 10 bracelets at the World Series of Poker tournaments. In fact, Ivey has managed to amass more than $26 million just by playing live poker tournaments. However, he also participated in cash games and has been winning a lot of money there as well for quite some time.

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However, Ivey has never been shy to share his poker playing secrets with the world. Although it takes a lot to learn what he knows (and it is very difficult to master that), Ivey has certain approaches and techniques that could help you improve your poker-playing skills.

Ivey decided to join MasterClass and share his knowledge with the audience around the world. If you really want to learn poker from the best of the best, then Phil Ivey is the best choice to do so. Another great poker player who also has a MasterClass of his own if Daniel Negreanu, whose class has been active for quite a while now. In other words, arguably the two best players in the world right now are eager to help you improve your poker skills for an annual price of £170 ($215) which is basically a subscription for your MasterClass account.

What Does Phil Ivey Have to Offer?

The first lesson is called Phil’s Journey, and it offers Ivey’s history of playing poker and how he ended up where he is now. The next set of videos is dealing with preflop and blind defense, and that is followed by betting tactics. Next, Ivey proceeds to talk about bluffing and then continues his lessons by a two-part video on post-flop. Ivey also talks about deepstack play and focuses on the mental game. In the end, he talks about table image and tells, and possible strategies for success. Ivey ends his master class with a general closing about poker and things that he had taught in his lessons.

MasterClass is an online platform that offers people from all around the globe to learn skills from the best. For example, if you want to learn more about acting, Natalie Portman will help you with that. Furthermore, people who are into cooking may enjoy watching one of the best chefs in the world right now – Gordon Ramsey. Moreover, you can find lessons from Howard Schultz, who is a businessman and a billionaire, or you can learn about creativity and filmmaking from David Lynch.

Some of these are better, and some are worse. To be honest, not all skills can be mastered just by watching a couple of videos, and that is true for poker as well. However, Phil Ivey could guide you in the right direction, and if you listen closely and follow his advice, you will have a firm basis for further improvement of your poker skills.

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