Luckyguy62 Wins 888poker KO Games Main Event

Luckyguy62 Wins 888poker KO Games Main Event

A $300,000 guaranteed Main Event marked the end of the 888poker KO Games Series. Luckyguy62, a talented Canadian player, won the championship after beating 1,657 entrants and received the $331,600 prize pool.

The 888poker Twitch channel streamed the final table’s action while David Tuchman and Nick Wealthall were its commentators. Chris Eubank Jr., an 888poker ambassador, joined them as a special guest.

He narrated about his professional boxing career and passion for poker during the stream.

KO Games No. 43 Main Event PKO

  • Luckyguy62 from Canada – $40,515
  • vycc from the United Kingdom – $25,821
  • R3li_able from Lithuania – $18,886
  • raisebot from Luxembourg – $9,352
  • VL1fish3BV from Romania – $8,726
  • Nick “eastyyy22” Eastwood from the UK – $6,755
  • Sazid14 from Bangladesh – $6,910
  • Jan.14 from Kazakhstan – $5,714
  • popsnpoker from Canada – $2,931

The first finalist, popsnpoker was eliminated from the table after opening to 1,000,000 from the button while holding blinds at 80,000/160,000/20,000a. He went all in with only 1,216,774 left.

Jan.14 placed a three-bet all in from a big blind when popsnpoker called and it was an ace-seven against pocket deuces. The former held the eighth position despite winning $97,000 after finishing third in the SuperStorm poker event.

Jan.14 lost a big pot after Sazid14’s fives defeated his pocket sevens after he flopped a set. The latter then made an effective 20.2 big blind effective call from R3li_able from a small blind using king-nine.
Unfortunately, a queen dropped on the river and enabled the shover’s queen-six to beat R3li_able.

Luckyguy62’s Victory

Jan.14 eliminated Sazid14 after he made a hasty bluff. The latter had used ace-king in early position to open five times the big blind as Luckyguy62 used seven-six of clubs to call from a big blind.

Lukcyguy62 checked a three-five flop while Sazid14 jammed 31 big blinds when the pot had 11.4 big blinds. The former’s straight held when he snap called and ended Sazid14’s run.

Nick “eastyyy22” Eastwood‘s elimination followed as he had a short stack for some time and was keenly searching for a spot. But it occurred after R3li_able did a min-raise in the middle position while Luckyguy62 called.

Eastwood went all in with 4.1 big blinds as R3li_able folded Luckyguy62.

He showed ace-nine and later exited the championship after the ace-nine failed to catch up. VL1fish3BV got eliminated in fifth place after his blind lost to R3li-able’s blind.

R3li_able used ace-jack to raise thrice the big blind and called as VLifishBV used ace-nine to three-bet all-in 21.1 big blinds. Even so, both players failed to improve thus resulting in VL1fish3BV’s elimination.

raisebot used ace-nine to min-raise when Lukcyguy62 uses queen-six of spades to call in a big blind. The former flopped a nine and it got him in trouble after turning out as all spades. Luckyguy62 checked while raisebot placed a small wager and jammed hence making him fall.

R3li_able got busted in third place after dropping his big blinds to 2.2. he used jack-eight to call in as vyccc set them in. R3lia_able’s jack-eight faced vyccc’s king-queen of spades.

The latter got a queen on the turn when the former flopped an eight. Luckyguy62 had a 2:1 chip lead when he got into a heads-up battle with vyccc. He used pocket sevens to call when his opponent’s ace-ten of clubs lost. Luckyguy62 was declared the champion and won $40,515.

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