Limpegutten Wins PokerStars Sunday Million

Limpegutten Wins PokerStars Sunday Million

PokerStars held its latest Sunday Million tournament on November 20. It was a progressive knockout with 9,779 players who created a $1 million prize pool.

Two Team PokerStars members; Fintan “easywithaces” Hand and Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot bought in and left the event without cashing. “zltcmyk” was the event’s success story despite finishing second. He turned a $2.20 investment into a $59,160 victory.

The Final Table’s Results

  1. Limpegutten from Norway – a $80,870 total prize; $26,436 bounties and a $54,434 prize
  2. Zltcmyk from Poland – a $59,160 total prize; $4,733 bounties and a $54,427 prize
  3. Kubala07 from Poland – a $43,379 total prize; $3,199 bounties and a $40,180 prize
  4. FoNZ87 from Canada – a $33,304 total prize; $5,313 bounties and a $27,991 prize
  5. S ESENIN from Thailand – a $24,992 total prize; $5,509 bounties and a $19,483 prize
  6. ARHINJO from Belarus – a $19,893 total prize; $6,587 bounties and a $13,306 prize
  7. 5agittariu5 from the Czech Republic – a $10,980 total prize; $1,604 bounties and a $9,376 prize
  8. metelindberg from Mexico – a $9,779 total prize; $3,124 bounties and a $6,655 prize
  9. gGre1 from Brazil – a $7,941 total prize; $3,205 bounties and a $4,736 prize

gGre1” was the first finalist to leave the table. ARHINJO used king-six to open-shove on the button with 1,250,000/2,500,000/325,000a blinds .gGre1 used pocket sevens to call off his 15,604,174 chips from the small blind.

S ESENIN” used ace-ten to call all-in in the big blind. He later got a ten on the river, a 105 million chip pot, and busted gGre1.

metelindberg” followed gGre1 after losing a clash to “zltcmyk.” The latter used pocket eights to make a 2,500,000 limp and later called the former’s 2,287,015 shove that he made using ace-jack of spades. “metelindberg” finished in eighth place after lacking help from a king-high board.

The remaining seven finalists were assured of making a five-figure score. “5agittariu5” left the table in seventh place. “S ESENIN” made a 6,000,000 min-raise in the middle position.

He folded when “5agittariu5” three-bet 39,207,493 chips and “Kubala07” made 64 million chips re-shove. “5agittariu5 got pocket eights while “Kubala07” landed a pair of queens in the hole. The former took home $10,980.

ARHINJO finished sixth after facing three opponents in a family pot. He held a top pair on a nine-high board and put his chips in the middle. But, “FoNZ87” flopped a set of sevens and busted ARHINJO.

S ESENIN had a huge stack lead after ARHINJO’s elimination.

Unfortunately, he lost over half of his stack after running into “zltcmyk’s flush and turning two pair. The player recovered his stack and regained the chip lead before Limpegutten busted him in fifth place.

The eventual champion made 12 big blinds effective open-shove, and S ESENIN used ace-five of diamonds to call all-in. Limpegutten flopped an eight and revealed a king-eight thus ending S ESENIN’s run.

FoNZ87” exited the tournament in fourth place after Limpegutten’s pocket nines beat his king-queen in a coinflip. “Kubala07” finished third after Limpegutten’s king-jack defeated his ace-king in a jack on the turn.

Kubala07’s exit set up a heads-up battle between Limpegutten and zltcmyk. Limpegutten had a 407,000,000:71,000,000 chip advantage over zltcmyk. The latter used five-two offsuit to move all-in with 9.5 big blinds and the former used ace-four to snap-call.

Limpegutten paired an ace on the river as each of them strived to get an ace-high to win the tournament and pot. zltcmyk lost the battle to Limpegutten and won $59,160.

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