Leif Force Earns First WSOP Bracelet with Event #3 Win

Event #3 of the 2012 WSOP was a $3,000 Heads Up No Limit Hold’em/Pot Limit Omaha event and just yesterday, the event narrowed down to the final round of nine matches. The best of the best hit the felt one final time to see who would claim the third bracelet in the 43rd annual World Series of Poker.

Final play would see the Quarter Final Matchups taking place with players facing off as below:

Jason Koon vs Annette Obrestad

Simeon Naydenov vs David Benefield

Julian Powell vs Gregg Merkow

Leif Force vs Andy Frankenberger

Koon would defeat Obrestad while Naydenov defeated Benefield in heads up play. At the same time, Powell would defeat Merkow and Force would defeat Frankenberger. Powell would then take on Merkow in heads up play and it would take almost all the time allotted for the session. Players were given three hours and it took the two, 2hrs, 45 minutes to finish up. Powell was the eventual winner and the semi finals would be pushed back about 15 minutes so the players would have a small break.

The Semifinal Matchups were as follows:

Jason Koon vs Simeon Naydenov

Leif Force vs Julian Powell

Force as a ‘force’ to be reckoned with during the semi final round. He was on top of his game and defeated Powell without having to cash in any re-buy lammers. Powell would use all of his re-buys and in the end, Force would move on to the final round of play.

Koon would do well against Naydenov as he would hold a six to four chip lead when he started to dominate the matchup. Naydenov had to cash in his re-buy lammers and Koon soon took down Naydanov with a pair of nines on the river.

The championship match would then begin between Force and Koon. This round would last less than four full levels. Force was strong from the beginning and would take an early lead during the first two levels. This gave him a strong chip lead as he held 1.1 million and Koon only had 300,000. By the third level, Koon had to use his first re-buy lammer.

Koon would soon even up with Force after he went all in with pocket jacks. Force would call with Q-9 and Koon would get a full house on the river. Force then took another hit and had to use a re-buy lammer to be able to continue in the game.

Force would even things up again and then the final hand would take place. When the fourth level was almost over, the final hand went down. The flop was 7 diamonds-8 hearts-5 clubs and Force would go all in and Koon would not hesitate to call.

Force held Ace clubs-K clubs-8 clubs-J hearts while Koon held 10 diamonds-9 spades-8 spades-5 diamonds. Koon held the lead with two pair but Force got a flush draw with a 10 clubs on the turn. The river card was a Q clubs so Force got his flush and his first ever WSOP bracelet!

Final Results:

Leif Force                            $207,708

Jason Koon                         $128,660

Simeon Naydenov             $73,655

Julian Powell                      $73,655

Gregg Merkow                    $28,409

Andy Frankenberger         $28,409

David Benefield                  $28,409

Annette Obrestad               $28,409

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