Kingdom of Poker Accused of Stiffing Players and Props

Kingdom of Poker was an online poker room that was originally aimed at Asian players. Kingdom of Poker even offered Chinese Poker, a game normally not available at most online poker rooms. Kingdom of Poker opened as an independent online poker room in late 2011, with the site offering players a 100% up to $1000 first deposit bonus.

A major online poker affiliate was then contacted to provide propositional (prop) players to the poker room to help boost traffic. Props are typically paid 100% rakeback to help start new games and keep existing games from dying. Even with props, there was still little or no traffic at Kingdom of Poker. Kingdom of Poker also tried an $8 no deposit bonus to help draw players. None of this worked.

Most of the traffic on the network consisted of props getting paid all of their rake back and players getting paid $8 to try the poker room. Few players deposited with their own money. This is not a formula that makes an online poker room successful. The poker room subsequently closed in August 2012.

Kingdom of Poker Reliance on Agents

Much of Kingdom of Poker’s business related to depositing players consisted of agents. An agent helps a player move money to and from sites that may be questionably legal in their area or help players deposit and withdraw in areas that have limited access to banking systems. These transactions are most often done in cash.

Agent sites have traditionally been risky for players. Agents may run off with withdrawals. They may also not ever transfer the money to the room. Many players have been forced to pay extortionate fees to receive their withdrawals. These fees go directly to the agent.

In Kingdom of Poker’s case, according to their statement, many agents failed to send the money to the poker room. Without this money, Kingdom of Poker did not have the liquidity to pay their players, prop programs, or affiliates.

Few players that are owed money have emerged. Most of the players that reported losing money had taken advantage of the no deposit bonus. Most of these players were not concerned about the small amount of money that they lost. One major player in the online poker industry has emerged claiming Kingdom of Poker owes them a large amount of money.

Rakeback Nation Goes Public

Rakeback Nation, sister site of Part Time Poker, announced at the Two Plus Two forum that they are owed as much as $50,000. Rakeback Nation is the company that managed the prop program for Kingdom of Poker. Rakeback Nation states they are owed money for their prop management as well as commission from free bankrolls.

Rakeback Nation blames a man going by the name Jeffery Tan of Singapore for the failure of the business. Another person associated with Kingdom of Poker states that Tan’s real name may be Tan Teac Miang.

Warning About Agents

This should be a warning to all players that play on sites that use agents or are considering it. Agents add another element to an online poker room that can cause problems for all parties. Even if the agents are legitimate, the reason they are being used is because of the lack of processing an online poker room has in a certain country.

Some poker rooms will use agents to accept players that their network otherwise will not accept. This can lead to trouble too if the network finds out. It is best to avoid these rooms.

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