Jason Mercier Wins First WSOP Gold Bracelet

Event # 5 of the World Series of Poker concluded yesterday with 809 players competing in the $1,500 pot limit Omaha event. Of all the many players competing, it was Jason Mercier who managed to outlast the field and take down the first place prize of $237,415.

Mercier has seen great success recently after starting a winning streak back in April of 2008. Mercier won the European Poker Tour San Remo stop he went on to cash out in fourteen different events. This bracelet win just goes to show how skilled Mercier is.

The first player to be eliminated from final table play was Vic Park. Park went up against Matt Giannetti who won the hand with kings knocking Park out in ninth. Next to go was An Tran who went up against Steven Burkholder. Tran lost the hand to Burkholder’s set of fives and gave Burkholder a good amount of chips as he exited in eighth place.

The next few to go would be Dario Alioto, Jonathan Tare, Chris Biondino and Matt Giannetti, in that order. That left Kevin Iacofano, Burkholder and Mercier to compete in three handed play. Iacofano decided to make a move and went all in which Burkholder called. Iacofano held K-K-J-3 against Burkholder’s Q-Q-9-4 with the board reading Q-10-5-6-8 Burkholder would take down the pot with a set of Queens and Iacofano would be out in third place.

On the final hand against Mercier and Burkholder, Mercier would limp in and Burkholder would raise which Mercier would call. The flop would see J-J-6 and Burkholder would bet which Mercier raised and then Mercier would go all in.

Mercier held Q-J-8-2 while Burkholder had A-A-J-7. The turn card was a Q and the river a K so Mercier would win the hand with a full house. This would be his first gold bracelet win.

Final Results:

1. Jason Mercier – $237,415
2. Steven Burkholder – $146,748
3. Kevin Iacofano – $96,128
4. Matt Giannetti – $66,544
5. Chris Biondino – $48,533

6. Jonathan Tare – $37,192
7. Dario Alioto – $29,882
8. An Tran – $25,122
9. Vic Park – $22,053



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