HRW 18: Super MILLION$ Main Event — Davidi Kitai Wins $726,839

Super MILLION$ is a popular online poker tournament hosted on GGPoker, and it attracts some of the best players in the world. The latest competition was part of the High Rollers Week, and it required the buy-in price of $10,300.

Needless to say, the tournament was more than successful as it attracted a total of 581 players who created a hefty prize pool of $5,810,000, with the top prize being almost $730,000.

The player who managed to top the event was Davidi Kitai, who represented Poland in the competition. After winning against Eelis Parssinen, Kitai managed to land a total of $726,839 as the main prize.

The Final Table Overview

The final table consisted of nine players, but some of them are pretty popular in the world of poker.

The first one to hit the rail was “iplaytooslow” from Russia, who managed to exit the game on the final table’s first hand. The player followed Niklas Astedt, who had ace-deuce in his hand. On the other hand, “iplaytooslow” held ace-king- However, Astedt was luckier and managed to turn a deuce, winning the hand. The Russian player won a total of $161,097.

The next one to leave the game in the eighth place was Aleks Ponakovs from Latvia, who had ace-six and shoved, followed by Eelis Parssinen. Even though Ponakovs managed to pair an ace, Parssinen completed a Broadway straight and won the hand. Ponakovs won $194,482, as eighth-placed.

The seventh-place was reserved for a player called “JokerFace” who also represented Russia. They managed to move all-in with ace-queen but were followed by Mike Watson with ace-king. Both placers found an ace on the table, but Watson eventually won with a high card.

Curiously enough, Niklas Astedt was the next one to leave the game even though he was a chip leader. He open-shoved with 35 BBs and met with Parssinen, who called all-in on the button. Astedt had a pair of sixes against Parssinen’s pair of nines. The board ran out jack-high, but neither player managed to improve, leaving Astedt with just 10 BBs. He hit the rail soon after that and won $283,445.

The next player to leave the game was David Yan, who was the chip leader at the start of the day. Yan ended up fifth and won $342,186. After that, it was time for “Brahman33” from Ukraine to leave the game for $413,101, and the last player to go before the heads up was Mike Watson, who earned $498,712.

Heads-Up Play

At the start of the heads-up play, Parssinen held a 3-to-1 chip lead against Kitai, but Kitai wanted more and was determined to win. He soon doubled up with king-ten against king-nine and slowly gained the lead, only to win the tournament in the end. Parssinnen had to settle for second place, and the consolation prize of $602,066, and Kitai celebrated a huge victory.

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