How to Play Pocket Jacks – Full Tilt Poker Academy

Pocket Jacks can be one of the toughest hands to play when it comes to the illustrious game of online poker.

Should you raise em up and chase out all the action, or play them sneakily, letting some donk try to steal the pot while you lie in wait? How do you know just when to get away from them, when to shove… They look absolutely beautiful when you uncover them preflop.

However, after the flop, as you’ll see in the video on the left, that is, much like gambling, not appropriate for people at work, teenaged poker players (because you should at this stage still be gambling for walnuts – I say to the guy that busted me out in second last night… ).

College poker players however ought to get a proverbial kick out of the video, if you’re watching in the library, do use headphones.

Why you might wonder have I decided to share this poker strategy video with you? To introduce the new Full Tilt Poker Academy of course…..
Full Tilt has always offered online poker players the opportunity to Play with the Pro’s, Learn from the Pro’s and Chat with the Pro’s, though as has been said by they could improve a touch by bringing the pro’s out of the nosebleed’s a touch, and into the mid/lower stakes games so that we can afford to play with them.

They have decided however to go the extra mile, and offer poker players a very unique, and useful opportunity. Full Tilt Poker has launched the all new Full Tilt Poker Academy, where players can work on their current poker strategies, and learn new poker strategies from full Tilt Poker Professionals like the Dean of the school, Howard Lederer, and co dean Phil Gordon. Before graduation, everyone at the Full Tilt Poker Academy should know full well, how to play pocket jacks.

The coaching begins with interactive lessons taught by poker players, money making poker players like Chris Ferguson, who in an experiment
Play Online Pokerturned $1 into $10,000 on Full Tilt Poker.

Modern media is used to bring the lessons to poker pupils like yourself, including videos and podcasts. Podcast’s man! That’s poker lessons to go! The academy is free, in fact, it’s better than free; students can win points and tournament entries that they can use to begin building a poker bankroll.

If you’ve ever considering really making a go of playing poker professionally, this is just the tool you’re looking for to push you over the edge.
Other tools used in conjunction with the poker academy will include Hand Replayers, and poker quizzes much like the one here on 4flush. The poker tools offered by the Full Tilt Poker academy are updated daily.

The academy is for brand new and seasoned poker players, so if you’re earning, but want to keep your mind fresh, and earn more money playing poker, the tool can also help with that.

Full Tilt Poker Academy Subjects covered include: online poker strategy, specific poker techniques and poker theories.

Players will engage in poker challenges online at Full Tilt poker, where they can practice playing pocket jacks, live and in person, additionally players will be utilizing their new poker strategies to scoop some real live pots, maybe even with pocket jacks! Players will also be able to participate in interactive ‘Sit-N-Learn’ Lessons.

The Full Tilt Poker Academy is free to participate in; you just need a have a Full Tilt Poker account.

What’s better yet is that Full Tilt awards good students with chances to enter free poker tournaments, and other prizes!
Click here and sign up for a new Full Tilt Poker account to join, you don’t have to deposit, but do be sure to fill out all of the address information.

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