High Stakes Poker: S08E09 — Big Names Return to the Game

High Stakes Poker is the most popular TV show about poker. It is airing again after a couple of years, and we can again watch some of the best poker players in the world play the popular card game. What makes High Stakes Poker so exciting is that we actually get to see the chemistry between players and learn more about them and their personalities. All alongside amazing poker gameplay and the type of entertainment that could be popular during the pandemic as live events are few and far in between.

Two big poker personalities nowadays are Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth. Both of them are widely regarded as the best in poker, and both of them returned to the televised felt to test their poker skills. Other players who took part in the ninth episode of the show were Tom Dwan, Lazaro Hernandez, James Bord, Chamath Palihapitiya, Brandon Adams, and Jake Daniels.

Let us take a look at the two of the most interesting hands that took place in the ninth episode of the popular poker show. There were plenty of other great hands, but we liked the two of them were about to present. Incidentally, both Ivey and Hellmuth are the main actors.

Ivey vs. Dwan

Ivey started the hand by raising $2,500 on K-5 suited in the cutoff, and Dwan decided to call from the small blind, holding A-5 in his hand. Brandon Adams decided to fold from the big, leaving Ivey and Dwan engage in the heads-up action. The flop showed 5-9-7. At that moment, both players had a pair of fives, but Dwan also held an ace in his hand.

Both players checked, and another five appeared on the turn. Dwan decided to check, but Ivey went for another $2,500. Dawn then check-raised to $10,500, and Ivey called him. This was the moment when Hellmuth had one of his quips about the hand, claiming it was a “classic battle.”

The river showed a three of spades, affecting no players, and Dwan decided to bet another $21,000. Ivey called and watched how he lost $69,600 in a single hand to Dwan, who only won the hand because of the ace in his hand.

Hellmuth vs. Dwan

Phil “Poker Brat” Hellmuth also had his share of action against Dwan. He had a pair of Kings under the gun and began the hand by raising $1,600, with five other players calling his action. One of them was Dwan, who had K-J in his pocket. The flop showed 6-2-J, Dwan decided to increase the bet by $5,000, and Hellmuth popped it to $17,000 after Adams folded his hand.

The action then returned to Dwan as he called Hellmuth’s decision and saw an eight on the turn. Both Hellmuth and Dwan checked, and seven of diamonds appeared on the river, completing the board. Hellmuth bet $18,000, and Dwan decided to call him, although he was not very excited about his actions. In the end, Hellmuth was the one to win the hand with a pair of kings that he had right from the start, winning a total of $80,400 in a single hand.

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