High Stakes Poker Record $743,800 In One Poker Hand

Lately it seems like Jamie Gold and the popular NBC poker show High Stakes Poker were made for making big moments. It was just a few episodes ago that Gold tried to bluff billionaire Guy Laliberte in a big pot and failed.

Carbon Poker OnlineThis time he was involved in what became the biggest pot in HSP history with over $700,000 on the table and two players vying for it, Jamie Gold and Patrik Antonius. This time however both players has a good hand the out come though was far from normal.

This hand saw Antonius raise to $4,000 with AJ. Gold re-raised to $14,000 with pocket kings. Antonius was the only player who would call.

Patrik checked the 3-Q-T rainbow flop and Jamie bet $15,000 with his pocket pair of kings. He was called by Antonius. The turn brought another king which made Antonius the nut straight and Gold a set.

What happened next was, according to Gold, “Unbelievable, but what am I going to do, right?”

Antonius bet $45,000, and Gold moved all-in for $341,500. Antonius immediately called. $743,800 was on the table in cash, the biggest pot ever.

Since this was a cash game, players are allowed to make deals in these situations. Antonius and Gold made a deal that they would play the river card three times, which meant that there was $250,000 riding on each river card.

This is where Gold who fell victim to the cards when his set of kings lost to the straight, made up that loss. The first river card matched the Q and gave Gold a full house, the second card matched the three giving him another and Gold had now bested the 3-1 dog he was at the beginning of this deal.

The third river was a blank and Patrik Antonius’s hand finally held and he calmly scooped 1/3 of the record breaking pot.

AJ Benza, the host of High Stakes Poker, summed up the hand and Patrik’s reaction by saying, “I tell you one thing: Patrik can take a punch. Imagine if that was Phil Hellmuth.”

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  1. Yes, yes it is. It was actually the record, until today when it was broken by Brunson and Guy Laliberte, and then rebroken by Patrik Antonius and Sammy Farha, all in one show!

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