GGPoker’s Super MILLION$ Offers Players Huge Rewards

GGPoker has an advanced in-built gambling software that more players used in the latest $10,300 Super MILLION$ final table. Two big stacks at the table were set to earn huge sums of money if they finished among the top four players. Yet, nine of the initial 118 entrants remained in action as they competed for a share of the $1,180,000 prize pool.

The Final Table’s Chip Counts

1. Philippe D’Auteuil from Canada-2,562,517 chips or 85 big blinds
2. Mario Mosboeck from Austria-2,399,767 chips or 80 big blinds
3. Oliver Weis from Austria-1,689,867 chips or 56 big blinds
4. Eder “BlueMoon” Campana from brazil-1,560,676 chips or 52 big blinds
5. bredor from Ukraine-966,103 chips or 32 big blinds
6. Anatoly Filatov from turkey-943,503 chips or 32 big blinds
7. Christopher Frank from Austria-816,649 chips or 27 big blinds
8. Zombie Chow from Montenegro-623,016 chips or 21 big blinds
9. LIM ZOMBIE from Hong Kong-237,902 chips or 8 big blinds

Philippe D’Auteuil was most poker enthusiasts’ favorite as he headed to the Super MILLION$ final table. Yet, he occasionally plays such tournaments and has a great record in the ones he participated in in the past. Records show that the Canadian player has won over $485,000.

He sat at the table with 2,562,517 chips. Mario Mosboeck advanced to his fifth Super MILLION$ final table hoping to win his first title. He returned with 2,399,767 chips or 80 big blinds and sold 75 percent of them at a 1.03 markup.

S Melhui purchased 25 percent of Mosboeck’s stake and La-Paloma69 bought 20 percent of it. Melhui would win about $38,500 if Mosboeck won the event.

Still, Melhui had 25 percent of Oliver Weis’ stake. The latter returned in the third position with 1,689,867 chips and it appeared as if the former would purchase a piece of each player’s stake if they wanted to win the title. Besides, it was Weis’ first time to reach a Super MILLION$ final table after making 20 attempts.

The Final Table’s Payouts

1. 1st player-$256,419
2. 2nd player-$200,253
3. 3rd player-$156,389
4. 4th player-$122,133
5. 5th player-$95,381
6. 6th player-$74,488
7. 7th player-$58,172
8. 8th player-$45,430
9. 9th player-$35,479

Eder “BlueMoon” Campana was below staked players and he advanced to his second Super MILLION$ final table holding 1,560,676 chips. His Super MILLION$ winnings would exceed $200,000 if he finished seventh or in a better position. A top-three position finish would raise his earnings to more than $300,000.

bredor was infamous compared to some of his opponents since this was his fourth time to qualify for a Super MILLION$ final table. But he has won $409,939 from other poker tournaments so far.

He was in the middle position with 966,103 chips and had an opportunity to increase his winnings to over $500,000. Anatoly Filatov was sixth in the chip standing when action resumed on August 16 at 7:00 p.m. BST.

The Turkish player had 943,503 chips and was likely to be the final table’s dark horse. Christopher Frank knew that his 819,649 chips placed him in the wrong chip position despite winning a World Poker Tour (WPT) title in the past.

Even so, his Super MILLION$ winnings would surpass the $1 million mark if he finished among the top five players. This was his fourth time to reach a Super MILLION$ final table.

Zombie Chow and LIM ZOMBIE were first-time qualifiers at the table, having 623,016 and 237,902 chips, respectively. Each of them was optimistic that they would win the title.

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