Geolocation Problems in New Jersey May Have Solution

DE gamblingEver since online gambling started in the United States, there have been issues, namely geolocation. Players have reported time and again that they are disconnected or not able to log on to online gaming sites in New Jersey. Geolocation services are to blame and operators in the industry have been trying to find some type of solution. It was reported today that major operators in the state are now sending players a free wifi adapter in the hopes that the issue will be resolved.

According to a recent report by Pokerfuse, the three major operators: PartyPoker, 888 Poker and WSOP, will be sending players the wifi adapter to try and repair the geolocation problems. The USB hardware is supposed to strengthen the signal of wifi and has been said to work with the issue. With the adapter, the verification software for the online gambling sites should be able to better configure the players location which will allow players to log on.

Pokerfuse spoke with a spokesperson of and was told that wifi dongles were sent to players who had geolocation issues from the launch date. Apparently the group started sending out the dongles for free once they learned that players were having issues. The spokesperson stated that once their Facebook page was alerted or Customer Support was told about the issue by a player, the player was sent the device to try and correct the issue.

The spokesperson continued by stating: “The vast majority of PartyPoker customers can now consistently verify their location in New Jersey. And while we have made considerable progress since launch, we are not comfortable resting on any laurels yet. We remain committed to helping customers who are still having problems.”

Players who are registered with PartyPoker and 888 have the option of requesting a wifi dongle by visiting the loyalty points store. There are two types available so players who are on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 have an option. does have the devices yet for players but have ordered so that they can help players as well with geolocation issues.

When players try to sign up for online gaming accounts in the state of New Jersey, third party geolocation providers use information from the wifi signal to verify where the player is located. It has become apparent that a weak wifi signal makes verification spotty and many players have been unable to access online gaming. Hopefully the hardware from the providers will allow more players to log on and enjoy the option.

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