Garrett Adelstein Discloses More About the Hustler Casino Live Poker Cheating Scandal

Garrett Adelstein recently shocked many poker diehards when he released a detailed statement on 2+2 forums about the Hustler Casino Live (HCL) poker conspiracy. It included circumstantial evidence.

The poker pro stated that Robbi Jade Lew wasn’t the only person involved in the scandal. He added that Lew used jack-high to call on September 29 and win the $269,000 pot on the HCL channel against Adelstein’s eight-high.

Adelstein later started doubting the hand’s legitimacy before leaving the match. He released a long statement the next day claiming that Lew cheated.

The Thief’s Involvement in the Poker Cheating Scandal

Hustler Casino Live investigated the issue and discovered that Bryan Sagbigsal stole $15,000 casino chips from Lew on the September 29 stream. The casino fired him despite the victim delaying pressing charges.

Adelstein believes that Sagbigsal and Jacob” Rip” Chaves competed in the game but collaborated with Lew to cheat.

Live at the Bike, and the Hustler Casino Live wrote a statement saying that the evidence presented indicates that Bryan accessed signaled information and the hole cards several times. Robbi or both of them used the sensitive information to cheat a few hands-on HCL.

Adelstein added that Lew and Rip partnered with on their two streams intending to cheat the table. Still, he explained that the video evidence shows some moments when the two players used non-verbal and verbal communication to achieve this goal.

Lew paid Adelstein $135,000 from a jack-four hand. Yet, she denied cheating hands on a podcast and social media. Adelstein’s 2+2 statement shows that Lew cheated on other hands.

Robbi Jade Lew’s Evidence

Adelstein’s claims had substantial evidence. Still, Joe Ingram’s YouTube stream corroborated some evidence on Friday Night.
For instance, one of Adelstein’s sources, Julie Yorn (an HCL regular and Hollywood producer), told him about her first meeting with Lew in September. She confirmed the accusation on Ingram’s Friday Night stream

Lew registered for a mid-stakes game stating that Yorn wanted to make a $5,000 buy-in. But she won a flip before doubling up without chips.

Yorn discovered that Lew didn’t buy in the game and had the shortest stack. This evidence lacked enough proof that Lew was unfair in the Hustler Casino Live match, yet, Adelstein showed that Yorn’s character is questionable.

Most of his evidence on 2+2 focuses on Lew’s contradictions in her interview with Chad Holloway. Adelstein reiterated Lew’s statements on stream.

He asked the player at the table how she used jack-high to make a call, but Lew didn’t disclose that he misread the hand as jack-three, which would have suited a small pair to avoid suspicion.

Hustler Casino Live had an on-camera interview with Lew, and she gave an excuse for misreading the card. She has consistently used it since then. Yet, Adelstein has capitalized on her statements’ inconsistencies.

Adelstein accused Lew of giving wrong information about her relationship with Rip. He adds that Rip, Darren “Beanz” Attebery, and Lew gave contradictory statements on social media.

Beanz” was on Ingram’s stream Friday night. He denied getting involved in the poker cheating scandal and termed Adelstein’s accusations as unfounded.

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