Gunfire Reported at Circus Circus Casino Last Weekend

Circus Circus Hotel and Casino was a crime scene past Saturday as there were reports of gun violence inside the property. That’s when the popular casino in Las Vegas became the center of attention.

Violence has been on the rise in Las Vegas lately, and Circus Circus was home to a shooting incident that resulted in three people being hospitalized. Reportedly, they are all stable and recovering from their wounds. Most importantly, the “person of interest” has been apprehended by the authorities.

The shooting took place on Saturday at around 7:30 PM. Two groups that happened to be at the same time inside the facility started to fight inside it. It all took place in the part of the property called Adventuredome, which was supposed to be a family-friendly place, meaning there were plenty of families at the moment the shooting started, which makes this incident even worse.

According to one visitor, they had gone to dinner and then came back to Adventuredome only to see people “in tears, crying.” They concluded that it was “not OK” to have people killing each other in the area where kids come to play.

LVMPD Increased Its Activities

It’s no secret that Las Vegas has been home to increased violence for the past couple of months. In fact, violence started when casinos re-opened after the shutdown and started offered cheap rooms, which attracted all sorts of people to the Entertainment Capital of the World, according to some analysts.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is aware that the crime rate has gone up (up by 30%, according to some estimates). That’s why they have been actively monitoring businesses and the streets. Moreover, there were plenty of cops on the Strip past weekend as well.

The person of interest was arrested at 10:30 on Saturday, meaning just a couple of hours after the shooting. However, their identity remains unknown, although we now know the suspect was a juvenile. Moreover, it’s unknown whether the suspect in custody was the actual shooter or they were just involved in it.

As soon as the shooting started, Circus Circus started evacuating guests. However, there is no further information on the incident nor how many guests were evacuated. Also, Circus Circus didn’t make it clear whether the social distancing and health protocols were enforced during the evacuation process.

It’s not all bad news. Namely, when the police increased its presence on the streets of Las Vegas, the number of incidents has gone down. The LVMPD is collaborating with other law enforcement officers, as well as the Clark County Commission. Moreover, they are in close contact with the security staff of casinos and resorts located in Las Vegas.

According to Dori Koren, Captain of the LVMPD, the police had “tremendous success” with getting things back to normal. Koren added that the last few weeks had been “pretty good,” especially for The Strip. Finally, the captain concluded that everyone was doing their best to “get Vegas back to where it was before the shutdown.”

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