Garden City Group Reports Over 80% of FTP Remission Payments Paid

Full Tilt PokerAs the Full Tilt Poker remissions process continues, the Garden City Group has reported that of the petitions filed, over 80% have now been paid in full. On Wednesday, the Garden City Group updated the Full Tilt Poker Claims site with information regarding the most recent round of payments as well as additional information on the subject.

On the 31st of March, over 3,100 payments were paid to petitioners, totaling $2.5 million. These payments were sent to those who had filed a petition and either disputed the account balance at Full Tilt Poker and met certain criteria or had confirmed their Full Tilt account balance and cured any deficiencies.

Petitioners who disputed their balance were paid on the 31st if the amount was $500 or less or if the amount was $500.01 to $2,000 and the difference between the balances found at FTP and the disputed amount was 20% or less in amount. Any other petitions that have disputed amounts are currently under review and once they are found to be valid in nature, will be paid during upcoming distributions of payment.

Along with the update, the Garden City Group also provided information for petitioners who were not included in the most recent round of payments. A petitioner who received a notice that bank account information is incorrect or not complete will need to update their account online by the 16th of April. Any petitioner who received a notice due to a debt qualifying for collection via the Treasury Offset Program will have to send a completed Unified Financial Management System Vendor Request Form to the Garden City Group by the 23rd of April.

Payments have been provided to petitioners since February 2014 and with petitions still remaining, additional distributions will be taking place in the future as the review process is completed.



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