Equity Poker Network Shutdown Continues

Sorry We're Closed

Just over a week ago we reported that Full Flush Poker, the flagship site of the Equity Poker Network, had went offline. What players thought was just a short shutdown has now been a long ordeal with no end in sight. The network has yet to go back online and players are still worried about poker funds and what will happen next.

When you visit Full Flush Poker today, the site looks completely different. The home page is basic black with a short message that reads:

“We are in the process of updating our gaming solutions to offer a new, more exciting platform to meet the needs of our players and an ever changing industry. We will have updates on this change each day for your, and we apologize for any inconveniences we have caused during this period.”

Under this quote, players will see a form that can be filled out with questions or concerns. This includes name, phone number, email, nickname and text. Surprisingly enough, the site also has Live Support still running. I contacted live support, asking about the update and when it would be completed. After speaking to a support tech named Robert, I was told the following:

 “Robert: Well, I can tell you it started as a easy software developer update but once we went online     there were glitches affecting so we decided to go offline to get a 100% fix.”

Even though the site says updates will be provided each day, this has not happened. It is not normal for online poker sites to shut down and go offline for several days just to change software. It also seems that the network and poker site would be more willing to provide additional info if this was the case.

For now, players still seem skeptical and want to see the site come back online so they can withdraw funds. Or at least hear more from Equity Poker Network about what is exactly going on with the Full Flush Poker site. We will continue to monitor the site and report any changes or updates as they are revealed.

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