Equity Poker Network Now Reporting DDoS Attacks

equity-logoOnline poker sites must provide strict security measures in order to protect players during online game play. While every top site strives to provide the best security possible, attacks can occur. Just over the past few weeks we have reported on the Merge Gaming Network and how they have been subject to Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Reports have now surfaced that the Equity Poker Network has been plagued with the same type of attacks.

According to a report at PokerUpdate, Full Flush Poker, the Flagship site of the Equity Poker Network has released a press release confirming the disruptions of service. In the press release, Full Flush stated that the DDoS attacks at the EPN have occurred on an intermittent basis for the past six weeks. The attacks caused short-term disruptions to the network connectivity and poker room outages.

The online poker room stated that the incidents of DDoS were small and customer support was able to help with player concerns in the matter both quickly and efficiently. According to the Equity Poker Network, the account information of players has not been compromised and efforts are being made to take action against the hackers to keep the incidents from happening again.

The EPN has been working behind the scenes to strengthen their network mechanisms and structures that can deal with these types of attacks and hope to have reached a solution soon that will fix the outages with the Network Operators and what players have had to deal with during recent times. The attacks have been troubling to say the least and can really harm how a site is perceived. The negativity that comes with such attacks can keep players from logging on to the given site or even taking part in online poker at all.

A representative at Full Flush Poker presented an apology to the players or the recent disconnections that were caused by outside sources and stated they understand how frustrating the situation has been for the members of the site. The site is asking that is players have a disconnection, to be patient and wait 30 to 60 seconds for the mitigation devices to kick in and the service will then be restored as normal.



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