Elite Chip Care — A Business That Cleans Chips

They say that a true entrepreneur is the one who manages to see a problem and find a solution for it. Some of the best entrepreneurs in the world are making our lives more convenient every day without us even realizing that we could have done something better.

Clay Dubois, the founder of Elite Chip Care, is one person that helped the casino industry with his innovative service. Namely, he has been offering to clean poker chips (and all other kinds of chips) used in casinos and poker rooms.

There’s no better time to talk about Elite Chip Care than now. Namely, we are currently undergoing one of the biggest casino shutdowns ever, as casinos all over the world are closing their doors due to coronavirus.

According to medical experts, one of the most common ways these viruses are transmitted is if we touch something that is touched by an infected person. If you take into account that poker chips are touched by hundreds of people daily, you can get the idea of how dangerous these can be, especially in times like these.

Many poker experts agree that casinos and poker rooms could pay more attention to cleaning the chips, as they believe that chips are not cleaned as often as they should be.

Luckily, Dubois has been solving that problem for some time now, and business is booming for him at the moment.

What Is Elite Chip Care?

Elite Chip Care is a business started by Dubois, who is himself a casino veteran. Dubois understood how casinos could be dangerous due to the high traffic of people on a daily basis and concluded that chips are often the main reason people get infected.

All it takes is for an infected person to touch them and spread the infection further.

That’s why he decided to start a business that offers on-site service that focuses on sanitizing and cleaning casino chips. Ever since the business started, Dubois has visited numerous casinos, cruise ships, poker rooms, and more.

Dubois has thought everything through, as his system of washing now allows his company to wash up to 150,000 chips a day. Naturally, chips come in different materials, and Elite Chip Care can do this for clay, ceramic, and plastic chips.

Apart from cleaning, the company also directs and re-racks chips by using ultrasonic cleaners.

It’s also worth mentioning that his business is scalable, meaning Elite Chip Care would be able to take up to 200,000-plus chips a day if necessary. Dubois made the so-called chip baskets that are currently waiting to be patented, and help him maximize the cleaning procedure.

A year ago, Elite Chip Care was on the list of the Top 20 Most Innovative Products released by Casino Journal Magazine. Casinos need it now more than ever. Even if they close, they would certainly pay more attention to their chips being clean, meaning Dubois could see his business growing in the future.

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