Drastic Changes Come to Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt PokerIt was just a short time ago that Full Tilt Poker announced they would be making changes to the online gaming site for a more enhanced player experience. The changes would be in favor of the players as well as help to improve the economy of the site, according to FTP. Well, know the changes have been released and many are skeptical as to why Full Tilt would make the significant changes to the cash games; changes that are considered to be possibly the most drastic of any online poker room.

Dominic Mansour is the Managing Director of Full Tilt and recently announced the changes in a blog post. In the post, Mansour stated that many players that are new to poker find the traditional lobby for online poker ring games to be unwelcoming. Because of this, the site decided to ‘streamline’ the experience and help players to enjoy a smooth and quick gaming experience.

Mansour spoke of the live game experience, as the player will arrive and tell the manager of the poker room what they would like to play and they are then directed to that gaming table. As players come and go from the live room, the manager makes moves to ensure the gaming tables are full and that new tables are created to accommodate all players.

Full Tilt will now be introducing a similar system for game play which will allow players to download the software, choose a game and then begin play. From now on, players will not see a list of ring game tables that would normally be found in the lobby of Full Tilt. Players will not be able to select their own table. Instead, players will choose a game type plus stakes and the gaming software will then seat the player at an accurate table.

In general, the software will not place a player at a table to start heads-up but will wait until three or four people are online to start a new table. If a previously started table becomes short-handed, the software will combine tables to try and keep the tables full of players. If a player does not like a table they are seated at, the Request Move button can be hit and a player will be moved. However, players will not be moved if there are no other tables open.

Full Tilt has also removed the heads-up cash gaming tables after finding such tables are too intimidating and were plagued by skilled players who would take advantage of weaker members. Shyam Markus, the Poker Room Manager for Full Tilt, stated that the head sup games were hurting the economy of the site and have been eliminated. Also gone from the equation are Mixed, Draw and Stud games. FTP felt as though there was no interest left in these games to warrant keeping them around any longer.




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