Doyne Wins Final Event of Online Super Circuit Series

Tuesday was a very important day for all online poker players at as it was the day that the platform hosted its final event of the series. Online Super Circuit Series, which is part of the popular poker franchise, has been very popular since the majority of WSOP live tournaments have been canceled due to the coronavirus.

The last competition on the schedule was called Event #18: $75,000 NLG Grand Finale High Roller 2x Re-entry 6-Max. Everyone who wanted to take part in it had to pay a buy-in price of $1,000.

Luckily, there were a lot of interested players who managed to make the original prize four times higher than the guaranteed one. A total of 232 players registered, but there were also 126 rebuys, meaning a total of 358 entries were recorded, creating a prize pool of $341,890.

The top 35 players were included on the money list, with the minimum share being $2,393. The player who managed to stay in the game the longest and eventually claim the main prize was Gage Doyne, who goes by the nickname “greypoupon” on the site. He earned a total of $90,600. What’s more important is that he managed to win a WSOP Circuit ring for his effort.

Before discussing the final table, let’s mention some players who made it to the money list but failed to reach the last part of the event.

James Carroll, also known as “meatsweats,” ended up 34th for $2,393. After five eliminations, it was time for Jesse “mrjessejames” Sylvia to hit the rail in 29th place. Keith “kgriffi45” Griffin was 23rd for $2,735, and Jonathan “jetsfan14” Borenstein ended up 17th for $3,418.

The last player to hit the rail before the official final table was created was Chris Moorman, also known on as “Robotbob47.” Moorman earned $4,444.

The Final Table Results — Who Made It to the Very End?

The first player to lose all chips at the final table was Jason “haderade” Somerville, who ended up with a total of $5,812 in his pocket. He was followed by Luis “theunderdog0” Rodriguez on eighth place for $8,205.

After that, it was time for Qi Tim “LINSANITY” Ha to hit the rail in the seventh position, earning a total of $12,308.

Thomas “carter12” Carter lost all his chips after that, for a total of $16,410 and the sixth place.

David “dehhhh” Coleman left the game after that as a fifth-placed player, earning $19,829 for his effort. The fourth place was reserved for Katie “katelin” Lindsay, who earned $23,248, and the third place belonged to Brandon “horus” Eisen, who earned $30,257.

The two players who made it to the heads-up part of the event were Chad “clayne” Layne and “greypoupon.” However, Layne was not able to face Doyne for a long time, ending up on the second position, and earning a total of $52,992.

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