Doug Polk Loses Two Crucial Pots in High Stakes Poker Season 11’s Final Episode

PokerGO hosted High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 14 on November 20. Its lineup resembled the one in Episode 13. It had several interesting battles like Jean-Robert Bellande (JRB) Vs Rob Yong, Berkey vs Doug Polk, and Matt Berkey vs Lyn Ji.

Polk’s Joint

JRB made an $800 straddle in the episode’s first hand and Polk used Q?10? to make a $2,000 raise. Airball used A?A? to three-bet and make a $6,500 raise before Tilly called on the button with Q?10?. JRB used 9?8? to straddle and Polk made a $4,5000 call on the 6?5?K? flop.

Airball used ace-high flush draw and aces to wager $13,000 when action checked to him. JRB and Tilly folded while Polk used a flopped club flush to call. Polk check-called a $50,000 wager after 4? landed on the turn.

The 7? landed on the river’s board prompting Polk to check again. Airball checked and Polk revealed a flush before bagging a $153,100 pot.

Eric Persson’s wife, Ann Persson replaced him in the match. AJ Benza, a renowned poker commentator stated that High Stakes Poker had never featured three women.

Yong Clashes With Polk

Yong straddled $800 before JRB used 7?6? to make a $4,000 raise. Polk used J?10? to make a $13,000 three-bet and Airball used 9?9? to make a button call. Still, Yong used K?10? to straddle again.

JRB used 7?10?A? to call kicking off four-handed action. Polk wagered $17,000 after two checks, Airball folded prompting Yong to make a gutshot call. JRB moved out of the way and J? landed on the turn.

Yong made a Broadway straight and checked Polk. The latter used two pair to check and the former checked nuts on a 3? turn.

Polk wagered $50,000 and Yong made a $200,000 check-raise. He won the $487,100 and Polk admitted that he was in a tricky situation.

Yong Faces Airball

Berkey straddled and Airball used 5?5? to make a $2,000 raise. Tilly used A?J? to call and Yong opted to place a $13,000 three-bet from the button using J?J?. Tilly and Airball called and the three players clashed in a 2?2?3? flop.

Yong placed a $15,000 continuation wager after two checks and Airball called. The latter checked and the former checked before winning the $150,900 pot.

The Show’s Last Hand

Berkey made an $800 straddle in the final hand and Airball made a $1,600 double straddle. Tilly used J?J? to make a $3,200 raise and JRB used K?5? to make a small blind call. Berkey used 7?5? to call and Airball called with his A?2? as the remaining players clashed in a J?9?5? flop.

Airball placed a $400 minimum wager and Tilly made a $7,000 raise. Berkey and JRB folded while Airball called as Q? landed on the turn. Airball checked and Tilly wagered $15,000.

The latter made a $157,000 all-in move and the former folded before losing a $235,300 pot. Tilly rabbit hunted hopping Airball would miss the A? flush.

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