Dan Harrington Wins WPT Legends of Poker for $1.6 Million

The World Poker Tour’s Legends of Poker final table shaped up to be a legendary poker table indeed. This years WPT Legends of Poker was held at the Bicycle casino in Los Angeles California, with an all star final table that consisted of the following great poker players beginning at seat one, and making our way around the table.

WPT Legends of Poker Final 6

  1. Shi jia “Jack” Liu: $1,305,000
  2. Dan Harrington: $2,230,000
  3. Tom Schneider: $3,495,000
  4. Thu Nguyen: $1,475,000
  5. David “The Dragon” Pham : $70,000
  6. Michael McClain: $725,000

According to Poker.com these six poker players, have together sat at six World Poker Tour final tables, and hold six World Series of Poker Bracelets, add those two sixes together, and the fierce group at this table has earned 12 Million dollars collectively throughout their poker playing career’s.

Legends of Poker Highlights

– Shi Jia “Jack” Liu doubled up both Mick McClain and David Pham. Liu now moves all in, not a caller in the house.

-Play continues, until Pham raises preflop – middle position, and Liu pushes all in over the top of him from the button, for three way action, Harrington raises the pot again from the small, $750,000.

Pham throws his cards into the muck, Liu turns over AJ, Harrington shows pocket ladies. The flop, J55, Liu made a pair of Jacks, but is still beat by Harrington’s bigger pair of queens, the turn comes a six, the river a four, both blanks. Harrington wins the hand – 2 pair, Queens and 5’s, Liu wins 6th place, for a win of $137,175.

– Thu Nguyen raised to $200,000, Michael McClain re-raises from his small blind to $600,000, Nguyen pushes back over the top, all in.

McClain makes the call throwing in an additional $1,045,000 in chips and showing Ace Queen. Nguyen turns over the hooks, pocket jacks. The flop ads a bit of excitement to the mix, King, Jack, deuce. A set for Nguyen, a Gutshot straight draw for McClain. The turn card was another two, giving Nguyen a boat, leaving McClain drawing dead. The river a 4. Nguyen jacks take down the pot, McClain takes down 5th place, and $182,900.

60 hands later. . .

Schneider is first to act, and pushes all of his chips into the middle of the table. ‘All in’, for 1.7 Million in chips. Pham makes the call, pocket kings in the small blind. Schneider is a bit behind with Ace 9. The flop is dealt Jack, ten, 9, the turn card, another ten, the river a six, pretty much all blanks for Schneider, who took 4th place, and $228,625.

Pham playing a pretty good strong aggressive raise, pushed the pot up before the flop, Nguyen re-raised, moving all of his chips into the pot from big blind position, a little more than one million in chips in total. Pham considered for awhile, he made the call, AQ. Nguyen was trailing with A5, the dealer was no help, Pham took down the pot with the better kicker, Nguyen took 3rd place, bringing the WPT Legends of Poker to heads up play, and taking home $388,660.

Pham Begins heads up play the chipleader with $5,805,000. Harrington starts out with a bit shorter chipstack, at $3,895,000.

They pushed back and forth, getting into a few confrontations, passing chips to one another. ‘The Dragon’ lost some big hands, became crippled, then… doubled his stack back up twice through Harrington.

Finally, Pham limped, the big blind was $300,000.00 Harrington checked it. The dealer brought 10, 5, 4. Harrington bet $400,000. Pham made the call. The turn was an Ace, Harrington lead the betting again, $1 Million in chips, Pham appears to think he’s slow playing Harrington, he pushes all in over the top with bottom pair.

Harrington calls pretty quickly, with both bottom pair.. and top pair. Pham’s drawing dead.

Dan Harrington won the 2007 World Poker Tour Legends of Poker raking in a $1,634,865 prize, in addition to a $25,000 buy in seat for the World Poker Tour Championship, and a seat to the 2008 WPT Legends of Poker.

Pham took down 2nd place, for a little over eight hundred thousand dollars.

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