Conservative Groups speak out against Sheldon Adelson’s Online Gambling Position

us flagAs Sheldon Adelson spends millions toward Republican causes, he expects the republicans to be on his side when it comes to certain issues including his major concern, online gambling. However, Adelson was in for a big surprise when several conservative groups spoke out against his stance on the subject. In a recent report by the Washington Post, it was revealed that several organizations are not in favor of Adelson’s Restoration of America’s Wire Act and that they consider RAWA to be an assault on the Federalist system.

A letter was sent out in response to Adelson’s push of the RAWA legislation and was signed by representatives from several organizations including Grover Norquist, which basically states that individual state governments are more than capable of making the decision on how to approach online gambling.

In the letter, it is pointed out that supporters of the RAWA legislation believe that the bill is a ‘simple fix’ to a 53 year old Wire Act legislation that applies to sports betting. The letter points out that the RAWA attempts to place online gambling into the same category as federal sports betting regulations when the legislation was created before the internet was even invented.

Also mentioned in the letter are those who have spoken out against such legislation as RAWA. Organizations including the National Governors Association, the Democratic Governors Association, the National Conference of State Legislatures and many other groups, including conservative ones has made clear they are not in agreement with such legislation.

The letter was signed by Norquist, the President of Americans for Tax reform, as well as ten other leaders of conservative groups and sent out to lawmakers in the hopes that the proposed ban would be rejected. In the letter, the groups asked that lawmakers ‘preserve the authority of the states’ and not move forward with the proposal.



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