Card Manufacturer Being Sued by Borgata Casino over Ivey Baccarat Case

Poker pro Phil Ivey recently was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame, a great honor for any player of the game. Despite the excitement of the induction, Ivey still is involved in a baccarat case with the Borgata Casino that just won’t go away. Just recently, it was revealed that the casino of Atlantic City has decided to sue Gemaco, the card manufacturer, for knowingly selling the playing cards with defects.

Several news outlets are reporting that the Borgata Casino has filed for a summary judgement in the Gemaco case. If the Borgata wins, then Gemaco would have to come up with $10.1 million that the casino lost after Ivey visited the casino and played the game of baccarat in 2012, earning the massive amount during game play.

Ivey visited the Borgata with Cheung Yin Sun in 2012 and took part in eight baccarat gaming sessions. He successfully won $9.6 million in total after asking the venue for a mandarin speaking dealer, Gemaco cards from a purple deck and for the dealer to position and rotate the cards in a certain way. This set of cards have a manufacturing defect on the back side. With Sun and Ivey able to spot the discrepancies on the game cards, they had an edge over the casino and could earn the big payday.

It was not until after they had paid the players that the casino realized that edge sorting had been used during game play. The Borgata filed a lawsuit which has dragged on for several years now. Late last year, a federal judge decided that the Borgata was in the right, stating that both Ivey and Sun did not complete actions that represented fraud in a general sense, but were found to be in violation of the state’s casino codes.

The legal team representing Ivey have appealed that ruling but it is unknown as to what the court will decide. The appeal by Ivey cannot be completed until a decision is made regarding the lawsuit against Gemaco by the Borgata. It is also unknown as to if Ivey and Sun will have to return the money they won. The case continues to be more and more complicated with much to be decided before being completed overall.

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