Brian Barboza moves forward in PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge

PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge has been on a break for the past few weeks but the show came back to the FOX network this past weekend. Two players were competing to return in December to play against Daniel Negreanu for $1,000,000. One contestant, Brian Barboza, was able to win $100,000 and will return in December to compete for the top prize.

Brian was able to get past Jayde Nicole and then had to face Vanessa Rousso. Brian found facing off against Vanessa was very tough. He commented: “Playing Vanessa was very intimidating.  She’s a world class player.  I always remember my hands, but I couldn’t tell you what I had in half of the hands I played against her.”

Brian was able to get a straight on the river when he was up against Vanessa and this was enough to win $25,000. Brian then decided to try for the next prize. he stated that he didn’t come to LA to win $25,000 he said he came for the Million.

Brian then had to face Negreanu. He knew it would e tough but he was going to try his best. Brian commented: “Honestly, I had to put Daniel’s advice in the earlier rounds out the window and play my game.  I knew luck was going to become involved. So, once I had anything decent, I had to ride the wave.”

Brian was able to take down a few hands to win the $100,000. Now in just a few weeks Brian will return to compete for an additional $100,000 and the chance to play Negreanu for $1 million. Brian will play against the other $100,000 winners and the overall winner will face Negreanu for the top prize.

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