BetOnline Poker Goes Offline; More Fraud Allegations Surface

BetOnline Poker’s poker client is offline yet again, and players are continuing to be cut off from their poker cash according to recent posts at various online poker forums. Players who have recently signed up for the site are reporting that they can’t even load the software let alone get access to their player admin. Additionally, more allegations of fraud and cash flow problems have also been reported.

**Update: BetOnline Poker’s client is back up and running as reported by Stephen, a company manager representing the company. The site has also fixed up prior funds transfer issues that players had been experiencing around the time this article being written.

The poker room is apparently not that broke because they recently purchased a very high-value domain in, a signal that the company is ready to become an even more serious player in the sports betting industry. However, while BetOnline has been ramping up their sports betting divisions, poker players have already been waiting for months to cash out and now they are being told it will be September at the very least before any cash MIGHT be handed out – and that’s definitely not guaranteed with the way things are going now.

A new report against the site refers to employee tampering and account hacking on at least 2 BetOnline accounts. A recent thread on Sports Betting Review stated that his bankroll at the site had been completely wiped out after he had $4,000 in it just days before. The player contacted customer service and had a more than frustrating chat with one of the reps there, including a moment where the BetOnline Poker employee admitted he had the player’s password and login number on file. The chat rep apparently needed to verify with him over an open internet chat browser to confirm what it is, something that is normally not . This is clearly the most surprising revelation of the conversation, especially after the company has been experiencing similarly controversial issues with their poker client for months now.

After this particular PR nightmare one would think BetOnline Poker would try to keep its nose clean; however, only more and more negative stories have been popping up about the company and its treatment of players. The above controversy happened only last week, with tons of other news already posted all over the internet for months now. From missing player balances to chip-dumping to Lock Poker accounts, the site is surely showing some tell-tale signs of a pending infrastructure collapse.

Many different gambling forums such as and 2+2 have seen thousands of posts that focus on BetOnline and the loss of their cash. Serious theft allegations have been made against the site over the past year and it seems the bad press isn’t going to be ending anytime soon. If you’re curious about some of the more controversial posts regarding BetOnline I suggest reading up on the following links:

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It is with absolute certainty that we here at DO NOT recognize BetOnline Poker to be a legitimate website at this point. They are completely and 100% rogue and depositing money there would be a dangerous decision, especially considering it may be months before existing payouts may start getting shipped. We’ll keep you covered on this developing story as more information hits other sports betting and poker forums.

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