Bally’s Main Event Mania — Ben Craig Wins $25K

Ben Craig traveled a distance from being a short-stacked player to topping the Bally’s Main Event Mania $1,500 Main Event, where he managed to win a total of $25,834. Even though he managed to make it to the final table, his stack was smaller than any stack at that moment, meaning his chances of winning the event were really small. However, he managed to find his game and ended up winning the event.

Some of the players even had 100 big blinds, but Craig didn’t care much about that, as he managed to catch up with them over the next couple of hours. 

Craig is a 32-years-old software engineer. The Chicago resident managed to win a total of $118K in his career, with most of his cash was made back in 2017.

The entire tournament started at a very fast pace, and it’s safe to say that Craig held on despite that speed of play. All players were eager to get to the final table as soon as possible, as they all wanted to win some money right away. The tournament allowed late registration, so plenty of players joined after the action started, with some of them being popular poker pros, such as Pat Lyons and Mike Shin.

The players who were leading most of the time were Pete Dailey, Viny Lima, and Lewis Robledo. The three of them actually managed to make it to the four-handed play but failed to win the tournament. On the other hand, other experienced players, such as Terry Fleischer and Mike Shin, went bust a little earlier, although both of them managed to make it to the final table.

The Final Table Overview

The first player to hit the rail was Ryan Laneghan, who managed to win $2,708. He was followed by Daniel Sepiol for $3,178, and Mike Shin for $3,954. Terry Fleischer ended up fifth, earning a total of $5,196.

It seemed that Craig was going to be next, but he managed to get a queen on the turn with queen-jack suited against Lima’s pocket jacks. Therefore, he managed to bust Lima in fourth place for $7,195.

Dailey and Robledo started playing huge pots, and Craig joined them, as it seemed that he was finally in the zone, ready to score more eliminations, which he did.

Lewis Robledo was the last player to hit the rail before the heads-up. Robledo managed to win a total of $10,467 for his effort.

Dailey was Craig’s last opponent in the heads-up. They soon played a huge pot with an ace-high board that Craig didn’t want to make large right away. What happens was that he misclicked for a min-raise when he actually wanted to call, which resulted in Dailey three-betting him.

He managed to win that hand in the end and ended up a winner of the tournament, earning more than $25K for his effort. Dailey, on the other hand, had to settle for the consolation prize of $15,964.

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